Mobile Game Roundup: Gunpowder, Circle Frenzy and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.


Looking for a new mobile game to play this Easter weekend? Here’s a look at just a few of the games launched this week.

Gunpowder ($4.99 on iPad) – From Rogue Rocket Games, Gunpowder is a physics-based puzzle game starring a Robin Hood-inspired character named Incendio. The goal of each of the game’s 125 levels is to blow up Boss Grimshaw’s piggy banks and free the people’s money. Gamers will achieve this by placing a limited supply of powder kegs and gunpowder in each environment. Gunpowder supports iPad 2+.

Worzel Gummidge (Free on iOS, Android) – An endless runner from Pidgeon Entertainment and publisher BulkyPix, Worzel Gummidge stars the walking, talking scarecrow from British children’s fiction books. In each game, players run away from the screen, swiping right and left to change lanes and collecting wheat to increase the duration of the run. Players can collect coins while running and use them to purchase power upgrades for tools, including a shield and a coin magnet.

Dragon Friends: Green Witch (Free on Amazon Appstore) – Following a release on iOS and Android, Innospark has released this dragon-breeding game on the Amazon Appstore for Kindle devices. The game allows players to decorate their island or focus on breeding and evolving dragons into new creatures. The app offers a mini-game for additional gameplay, while social features allow users to visit friends or join guilds, among other options.

Tap Sports Baseball 2015 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Glu Mobile, this multiplayer baseball-simulation game allows players to manage a team, drafting real Major League Baseball players. During each game, one-touch controls allow players to tap anywhere to swing, and players can choose when to bunt, steal bases, call in pinch hitters and more. Players can have multiple active games at once and challenge their friends to games via Facebook connectivity.

Goal One (Free on iOS, Android) – Goal One comes from Aeria Games, and it features American soccer star Tim Howard. The soccer-simulation game sees players managing and controlling “every aspect” of their soccer team, which includes competing in live multiplayer matches and trading players with other users. Players can make player substitutions and other strategy calls, eventually expanding their stadium with the financial help of their virtual fans and sponsors.

The Quest Keeper (Free on iOS, Android) – In this dungeon crawler, players collect rare coins and artifacts by swiping to control their character’s movement, with the hero only stopping once it hits something in its path. Paths have edges and drop-offs, so players need to quickly swipe to change direction and navigate pathways filled with spike traps, knives, spiders, skeletons, lasers, saws and more. If players aren’t comfortable swiping, they can change to continuous drag controls, and move by dragging a finger around the screen.

A Day in the Woods ($4.99 on iOS) – This puzzle game from RetroEpic Software features 60 levels, challenging players to help Little Red Riding Hood make her way through the forest to Grandma’s house. The game is described as a reimagining of the classic “sliding puzzle game,” and asks players to move tiles around each board to help Little Red Riding Hood avoid nasty forest creatures, while also collecting flowers and berries.

Attack the Light: Steven Universe ($2.99 on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Cartoon Network, the game sees players joining Garnet, Pearl, Amethyst and Steven on a quest to stop a powerful Gem weapon and save the day. Players complete turn-based battles, with each character having a unique set of powers and abilities to upgrade.

CivCrafter (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From Naquatic, this “clicker” offers more depth than some other games in the genre, as players work to manage a kingdom by rapidly tapping on three objects to collect resources (one each for food, stone and wood). These resources are spent on a variety of objects, including tents and workers, which are then put to work passively gathering these resources. Eventually, players unlock a battle functionality, allowing them to recruit an army and plunder extra loot from enemies.

Boom Dots (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – This reaction-based game from Mudloop challenges players to complete 200 missions by observing a moving dot and tapping on the screen to make another dot dash upward in time to hit it. The moving dot will move at different speeds, and players earn points for each correct action. The game features 20 unlockable visual themes, as well as the ability to push high scores out to Twitter.

Corridor Z (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – A reverse endless runner from Mass Creation, Corridor Z sees players working to escape a zombie outbreak in the local high school. In each game, players run toward the screen, with zombies trailing behind. Instead of swiping to avoid obstacles, here, players swipe into items to knock them down into the zombies’ path to slow them down. Weapons are also scattered on the floor, and, when collected, players can tap on the screen to attack zombies while they run. The more games and missions players complete, the farther into the school they’ll progress, with different classrooms unlocking different upgrades for purchase (gamers earn rations, a currency, as they play).

Circle Frenzy (Free on iOS) – A survival title from PagodaWest Games, Circle Frenzy challenges players to earn points by tapping on the screen to jump over various obstacles on rotating circles. Each circle has a different set of obstacles to avoid, and players can complete multiple rotations of each circle before moving onto the next, where the obstacles become more difficult to avoid. The game is coming soon to Android.