Mobile Game Roundup: Starlit Adventures, Blendoku 2 and More

We take a look at some of the new mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new game to play this weekend? There are lots of new releases for you to try this week, including Princess Bride Slots from Zynga. The game features slot machines inspired by the film The Princess Bride.

Disney also released its latest game this week, The Good Dinosaur: Dino Crossing, based on the Disney Pixar film The Good Dinosaur, which releases in theaters on Nov. 25. The game has gameplay similar to that of Crossy Road, and challenges players to help Arlo and Spot avoid obstacles and evil dinosaurs in multiple gameplay modes.

Looking for something different to try? Here’s a look at some of the additional mobile games released this week.

Starlit Adventures (Free on iOS, Android) – From Rockhead Games, Starlit Adventures is a level-based puzzle game, challenging players to help Bo and Kikki retrieve the stars which have been stolen from the sky. The game offers 80 levels across eight worlds, which see players use left, right and down buttons to mine down through environments and clear a path to the exit. Gamers can take a hit before failing the stage, and will restart at their most recently activated level checkpoint. In addition to the game’s main levels, an infinite tower challenges players to survive as long as possible. Over time, users will collect new outfits for Bo and Kikki, which offer different abilities, as well as sticker packs which give players extra rewards. Stickers can be traded with friends.

MMA Manager Free (Free on iOS, Android) РFollowing the release of a paid version of the game earlier this year, Bit By Bit Games has released a free, ad-supported version of its MMA management simulation game on iOS and Android. The game allows players to manage their own gym and a team of fighters from multiple weight classes, and with different fighting styles. The game also allows users to upgrade their gym, hire coaches to train their fighters and more. Players will book fights for their fighters, and may need to deal with issues like missing weight or injuries, as examples.

Coin-Op Heroes 2 (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From¬†RedSix Interactive Entertainment, this clicker or idle game challenges players to progress through more than 40 levels of enemies by rapidly tapping on the screen to attack enemies with their main hero. As players defeat enemies, they’ll unlock new units for their team, which cause damage even when they’re not tapping on the screen. Players can upgrade their units, as well as their main hero, to increase their attack power. Gamers can stay on the same level as long as they’d like while they upgrade their hero and team, and must spend coins to unlock each new level as they progress.

Brainstorm ($2.99¬†on iOS, Android) – From Sly Trunk, this party game features¬†nine game types, which¬†will see players match tiles, rearrange¬†items into the correct order¬†based on a¬†prompt, draw pictures¬†and shout out names of items which fit¬†a specific category, as examples. The team-based game requires a minimum of four players, and allows players to choose the categories they’d like to play, or to play them all.

Oinky Boinky (Free on iOS) РFrom Rekkener, this action game challenges players to help Oinky the pig and Boinky the hedgehog bounce Boinky as high as possible into the sky by tapping at the right time to inflate Oinky and cause Boinky to bounce higher. If players tap too early, Boinky will lose momentum, and if players tap too late, Boinky will hit the ground and the game will end. As levels progress, Boinky may move right of left in the air, and players can move Oinky to catch him by swiping on the screen. When Boinky reaches a specific height in each stage, players move to a new level and begin again. Gamers can collect coins as they play, which can be spent on new characters to replace both Oinky or Boinky. These characters can also be purchased instantly with real money.

Castle Crush (Free¬†to try¬†on iOS) – From HeroCraft, this puzzle game¬†challenges players to destroy the sphere inside each enemy castle using different elemental powers. Each castle is made of squares of different types, like wood¬†and iron (among others), and players will need to use the right powers to eliminate squares in the right order¬†to open up a path to attack the sphere. The game features a¬†step-by-step hint system¬†to help¬†players¬†when they’re stuck. Castle Crush offers 25 free levels. Players can purchase the full game unlock, which includes access to all 80 levels (and removes ads), for $1.99.

Chromatic Souls (Free on iOS, Android) – This turn-based RPG from Gamevil sees players create a team of heroes, with each hero having one of four roles: Tanker, Attacker, Supporter or Mage. During battle, players tap on buttons for each character’s basic attack or special skills. The game features over 75 stages at launch, and¬†between these stages, gamers can equip their heroes with new weapons or armor pieces. Players can upgrade these items, or their characters’ skills, over time. In addition to the game’s¬†main¬†stages, Chromatic Souls¬†features over 100 dungeons of varying difficulty. When players aren’t in a dungeon, they can send their characters on quests to earn experience points, gold (the game’s free currency) and equipment. In addition to the game’s single-player¬†content, users can work with other players in real-time boss raids.

Mahjong Journey (Free on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS¬†and the Amazon Appstore, G5 Entertainment‘s Mahjong Journey has launched on Android. The mahjong game features 445 levels and 422 types of tiles to match. In each game, players tap on matching tiles with at least one free edge to remove them from the screen. The game offers¬†power-ups to help players complete stages. For instance, a¬†shuffle power will rearrange¬†the level’s remaining tiles, while a¬†firecracker can be used to instantly clear multiple pairs of tiles from the board.

King Tongue ($1.99 on iOS) РFrom French publisher Ankama, King Tongue is a level-based action platformer challenging players to help the Monkey King defeat evil bananas by tapping to move him around environments. The Monkey King moves by extending his tongue like a grappling hook, and players can either tap to attach to something in the world, or tap an enemy to attach directly to it. The Monkey King automatically attacks enemies when he gets close to them, and players can also defeat enemies by using his tongue to fling them around, potentially knocking them into walls or the floor, as examples. In addition to a level-based mode, players can challenge an unlimited number of enemies in an endless mode. Users can also unlock new monkeys as playable characters. King Tongue is coming soon to Android and Windows Phone.

Battle Copters (Free on iOS) РFrom developer Happyfish and publisher Chillingo, Battle Copters is a multiplayer helicopter battle game, featuring team deathmatch and free for all multiplayer modes. Each match supports up to eight real players. In between matches, players can purchase new helicopters or upgrade their existing helicopters to increase their stats. In addition to playing on their own, when gamers reach level four, they will unlock the ability to join or create their own squadron to team up with other players.

Mabinogi Duel (Free on iOS, Android) – From Nexon, Mabinogi Duel is a trading card game based on Nexon’s MMO Mabinogi, which offers both a single-player campaign¬†and¬†real-time¬†player-vs-player battles. In each battle, players work to drain their enemy’s health points, and can place units on the field to attack enemy units or defend themselves against attacks. Players can spend a limited number of points to play cards on each turn, and any surviving cards will automatically attack the card across from them, or the enemy hero (if another card isn’t present), at the end of their turn. Gamers can trade their cards with other users.

Mine Heroes (Free on iOS, Android) – A steampunk RPG from Kick9, Mine Heroes allows players to build a team of heroes to take into mines. When players enter a mine, their characters explore and attack enemies automatically, leaving players to trigger their special attacks whenever they’re ready (they charge up automatically during levels).¬†Players will collect new equipment for their heroes over time, and can spend resources to upgrade¬†these objects to increase their stats. As players collect mining points, these can be spent in their own mine to collect extra resources. In addition to the single-player mode, Mine Heroes offers competitive arenas, guilds and other¬†multiplayer features.

Army Antz ($2.99 on iOS) –¬†This real-time strategy game from Digital World Studio challenges players to lead their ant army into enemy territory to capture their base. The game features 19 battle areas and four difficulty levels, and allows players to command 13 types of ants, each with a different weapon (grenades, a rocket launcher and so on). Players can take five ants into each battle, and can select the specific types of ants they’ll use¬†before they begin. Users¬†can upgrade their ants in between battles. Gamers also have access to 10 support items, like medic¬†ants for reviving fallen units, as one example.

Hop Hop Hop (Free on iOS, Android) РFrom Flashprom and Ketchapp, Hop Hop Hop is an endless survival game, challenging players to quickly tap to help an orb stay in the air as it automatically moves across the screen. Players must tap (or not) at the right time to move the orb through hoops, either from above or from below, to open barricades and continue playing. If the orb bounces off of a hoop, or hits the spikes lining the top and bottom of the screen, the game ends. As gamers play, they can collect mushrooms, which are used to unlock new playable characters. Players can earn extra mushrooms by watching video ads when these opportunities are presented.

Puddle+ ($2.99 on iOS, Android) – From Playdigious and Neko Entertainment, Puddle+ is described as an ‘improved version’ of the indie game Puddle, which¬†was originally released on PC and consoles, starting in 2012. Puddle+ replaces the original version of the game on mobile devices, and features improved graphics. The liquid puzzle game challenges players to guide puddles through environments by tilting the world¬†left and right while taking things like friction, gravity and temperature into account. The game features puddles made of different materials (water, oil and molten lava, among others), with each having different properties. Gamers are challenged to¬†protect¬†as much of each¬†puddle as possible¬†while avoiding obstacles like electric currents, flames and more. Puddle+ is compatible with Android TV and Apple TV, as well as¬†MFi controllers.

Sorus Shield ($1.99 on iOS) РA puzzle game from independent developer Marcus Dobler, Sorus Shield asks players to defeat aliens by clearing their light mines from the board. The game is similar to Tetris, as players are asked to drag shapes to the game board to form complete lines of mines, which are removed from the screen. The game includes special light mines, which may move while gamers play, or are harder to destroy. The game offers 101 missions, as well as an arcade mode with five levels.

Heroes Tactics: Mythiventures¬†(Free on iOS, Android) – From Camex Games, this strategy RPG¬†allows players to collect heroes and take them into turn-based battles which take place on a hexagonal¬†grid.¬†As users play, they’ll collect new gear for their heroes, and can upgrade their hero’s skills using free currency. In addition to single-player content, the game features guilds,¬†a player-vs-player arena, a sky arena containing multi-stage multiplayer battles and a scrimmage tower challenging players to defeat groups of enemies to receive prizes.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade (Free on iOS) – From Pixel Toys, this¬†shooter allows players to take command of an armored war mech called an Imperial Knight, and defeat enemies across 40 single-player missions. Users will defeat enemies¬†using cannons, missiles, thermal blasts and a chainsword, with gameplay seeing the mech move forward automatically, while players tap, double tap and more to fire weapons or trigger a melee attack (when these melee attacks are available). On iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, 3D Touch integration allows players to force touch the screen to zoom in on enemies.¬†If players press down hard enough, they’ll switch to a heavier weapon which can cause¬†more damage.¬†In addition to the single-player campaign missions, the game¬†offers procedurally-generated patrol missions and daily challenges. Players can customize their knight with new weapons and armor in between missions.

Big Buck Hunter: Outdoor Adventures (Free on iOS, Android) – From Leviathan Games and Flashman¬†Games, this arcade hunting game¬†challenges players to complete level-based hunts by firing at bucks and other animals¬†as they move across¬†the screen,¬†while avoiding shooting does. Players have access to multiple shotguns and rifles, and can upgrade their weapons with premium currency. Free currency can be used to purchase equipment before hunts.¬†A rifle clip, for instance, increases the size of the player’s rifle magazine by one when it’s used in a level. Big Buck Hunter: Outdoor Adventures is also available to play for free on Facebook.

Wild Run (Free on iOS) – From Branchwell¬†and Thumbspire, Wild Run is an endless survival game, challenging¬†players to tap on the left and right sides of the screen to help a creature named Leafy fall off of platforms and land on new platforms farther down the screen as the¬†world¬†automatically moves downward. Gamers must watch out for obstacles including spiky platforms, falling rocks¬†and gusts of wind, as examples, but Leafy can take multiple hits before the game ends (falling off of the screen, however, instantly ends the game). As players progress, they can collect coins which increase their high score,¬†health bottles which¬†refill Leafy’s health and¬†power-ups like temporary shields and coin magnets. Players can also collect gems¬†as they play, which are spent to unlock new playable characters. Users receive free gems¬†as prizes over time, and can earn extra gems by watching video ads. Finally, players can watch a video ad to keep playing even after a¬†game is over.

Horizon Chase (Free to try on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS earlier this year, Aqirius¬†Game Studio¬†has released its racing game for¬†Android devices. The game includes eight cups and 73 tracks, and takes players to 32 cities around the world.¬†Players can unlock 16¬†upgradeable cars as they progress. The free trial of Horizon Chase includes¬†five circuit races, with the full game unlock priced at¬†$2.99.

Call of Champions (Free on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS earlier this year, Spacetime Studios has released this¬†multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game on Android. The game features¬†five-minute¬†three-on-three matches, which see players working to destroy the enemy team’s base¬†by moving two orbs along tracks at the edge of the playing field. Each base is defended by four towers, with two on each track. When the orb approaches a¬†tower, the tower’s¬†defense¬†is¬†lowered, giving players a better chance to destroy it. Once players¬†eliminate both¬†enemy towers on a single track, they can attack the base’s final defensive wall and eventually attack the base’s¬†main crystal, if there’s¬†still time in the match. The game features 19 playable¬†Champions from five classes, with additional Champions coming soon.

Fly or Dive

Fly or Dive (Free on iOS) РFrom WildSnake Software, Fly or Dive is a puzzle game designed by Tetris creator, Alexey Pajitnov. The game challenges players to make matches with balloon and weight symbols in the correct order to help a hot air balloon fly higher (balloons) or dive lower (weights) to avoid obstacles as it flies across the top of the screen. In each game, players drag symbol groups to the game board in order to create two by two squares of four matching symbols, which are removed from the board. In addition to balloons and weights, these symbol groups contain patches, which can cover up existing symbols on the board. When players overlap two non-patch symbols, they create a hole in the balloon which must be filled with a patch on the next move, or the game ends. Games will also end if players make a match with the wrong symbol, causing the hot air balloon to leave its flight path.

Street Boy

Street Boy ($1.99¬†on iOS, Android) – From Netmarble Games, Street Boy is¬†described as a ‘rhythm-action side-scroller,’ which sees players explore 63 environments¬†by jumping over obstacles and defeating rhythm monsters on the path.¬†Players have access to 10 tools as they play, like a Mirror Disco Ball and Giant Cone, among others. The game is currently on sale on Android for $1.53.

Orph (Free on iOS, Android) – From Prismalogic, Orph is a level-based puzzle game challenging players to move colorful balls to the matching¬†colored areas of the screen.¬†Balls move and bounce around each stage automatically, and players may need to complete different tasks to move them to the right area(s). For instance, players may need to drag a line so that the gap in the line matches a ball’s movement path, allowing the ball to move to the right area. When dealing with colorful lines,¬†users can tap the line to change its color, allowing ball(s) of the same color to move through them, and so on.

Antyz (Free on iOS, Android, Amazon) – From DNA Studios, Antyz is a level-based puzzle game, which takes players to¬†a new ice age in the year 2454, and challenges them to¬†help ants tunnel into the center of the earth to find heat. In each stage, the player’s ant moves down the screen automatically, and players move it left and right using their choice of touch or tilt controls. Players are challenged to collect baby ants as they tunnel down the screen, and must watch out for obstacles like large gaps in the environment¬†and moving barricades, among others.¬†As gamers play, they’ll collect crystals which can be spent on new outfit items for their ant, which may unlock new abilities or give players bonus crystals when they complete¬†specific tasks going forward. Antyz features 109 levels to complete.

Real Boxing 2 CREED (Free on iOS, Android) – From Vivid Games, Real Boxing 2 CREED is the official mobile game for the¬†film CREED, which hits theaters on November 25. The game sees players interact with Rocky Balboa and fight against opponents both as their own created boxer, and as Adonis Johnson, across two separate level sets. In each match, players use a variety of taps and swipes to throw normal punches¬†and uppercuts (among other moves), and players can upgrade their boxer’s stats, or equip them with new gear, in between matches.¬†In future updates, players will be able to fight in matches from the past films in the Rocky franchise, against opponents like Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang and Ivan Drago.

Blendoku 2 (Free on iOS, Android) – From Lonely Few, Blendoku 2 is the sequel to the original Blendoku, and is a puzzle game challenging players to move colored tiles from the palette at the top of the screen to the game board at the bottom of the screen to create¬†color patterns. To be specific,¬†players must drag tiles to the game board so that¬†the overall arrangement has a color pattern that¬†gradually fades from one color to the next, in relation to the board’s layout and starting tile(s).¬†The game features 500 levels, which become more complicated as players progress, and also offers¬†turn-based multiplayer. A separate painting mode allows players to complete puzzles using¬†color palettes taken from real paintings.