Mobile Game Roundup: Unkilled, Fishy Bits and More

We take a look at some of the mobile games released this week.

Are you looking for a new mobile game to try this weekend? There are plenty of new options available, including Bossa StudiosI Am Bread, a deliberately challenging puzzle platforming game, which challenges players to control a slice of bread on a quest to become toast.

In addition, The Pokémon Company brought its popular Nintendo 3DS title, Pokémon Shuffle, to iOS and Android. The match-three puzzle battle game allows players to battle and capture wild Pokémon to add them to their team.

If you’re looking for something different, here’s a look at some additional games released this week.

Unkilled (Free on iOS, Android) – An FPS from Dead Trigger company Madfinger Games, Unkilled sees players completing missions to eliminate zombies by using a virtual joystick to move and dragging another finger on the screen to control the camera. As players aim at zombies, their weapon fires automatically, and players have unlimited regular ammo on each stage. Gamers also have access to a limited number of health packs, explosives and more while playing. Players spend energy to access each new mission, and will receive rewards as they progress, including free currency, new weapons and more.

Happy Happy Donuts (Free on iOS) – From Lucid Games, this level-based match-three game sees players creating matches of three or more colorful donuts by rotating cubes. Each cube contains four donuts, and players can rotate each cube multiple times to create matches. Players create power-up donuts and animals by creating lines of four or more donuts, or those in special T or L shapes. These can be used to clear large groups of donuts from the board in a single move. Levels become more complicated over time, and eventually include move limits, challenging players to complete specific goals without passing a set number of rotations.

Fat Baby Galaxy (Free on iOS, Android) – From Fat Baby Games, Fat Baby Galaxy is a level-based side-scrolling platformer set in seven worlds throughout the galaxy. In each stage, the player character runs automatically, and players tap on the screen to jump to avoid obstacles or collect stars, the game’s currency. Players can take a power-up into each stage, like a shield or star magnet, as examples. These powers are charged by collecting stars while running, and, once charged, can be activated by tapping a power button in the top right corner of the screen. At the end of each stage, players complete a ‘hypersurf’ segment, which sees them surfing away from the screen through space, tilting their device to target and destroy enemies on the path in front of them. As players collect stars, these can be spent on new items for their character, which can increase the duration of a specific power-up.

Power Ping Pong ($4.99 on iOS) – From Chillingo and developer Gasp, Power Ping Pong is described as a mix between table tennis and an arcade beat-em-up. The game offers a single-player mode against eight opponents (including a sumo wrestler, panda bear and mad scientist), with local and online multiplayer modes also available. Players can also test their skills against Yedai Sensei in a survival mode as they work to climb the leaderboards. As gamers play, they’ll level up and can use special powers and gadgets in future games. Players have access to 12 different paddles in all.

Cute Things Dying Violently ($0.99 on iOS, Android) – From ApathyWorks, Cute Things Dying Violently challenges players to save critters across 48 levels by moving them to the exit point somewhere in the stage. Levels are filled with spikes, buzzsaws, fire walls, robots and more, which will eliminate the critters if they’re touched. In addition to the game’s stock levels, ApathyWorks will offer a free new level each week, and gamers can create their own stages with an included level editor.

Run Don't Get Fat

Run & Don’t Get Fat (Free on iOS) – A side-scrolling runner from Pine Entertainment, Run & Don’t Get Fat challenges players to help a cube travel as far as possible while avoiding obstacles and food. Players can collect small food blocks on the path, but these make the cube larger, and may prevent it from fitting through a narrow pathway farther ahead. Run & Don’t Get Fat is split into over 500 different segments, which are connected by progress checkpoints. Each time players fail, they’ll begin their next game at their furthest checkpoint, rather than returning to the beginning.

Magic Mixup (Free on iOS) – A level-based match-three puzzle game from Full Fat, Magic Mixup asks players to help a friendly witch create potions across multiple level types, each with a different goal. A pet system allows players to collect pets, each offering a particular bonus, and bring one into each level. For instance, the default cat pet increases a user’s score by 10 percent on each stage, while a bat pet makes dragon enemies weaker, and so on. These dragons are faced in special dragon stages, which may challenge players to make matches with specific kinds of symbols to drain the dragon’s health.

Nekonoke 2

Nekonoke Cat Collector (Free on iOS, Android) – Picola has announced the release of English and simplified Chinese language versions of its cat-themed clicker, or idle game, on mobile devices. The game asks players to rapidly tap on their cat to collect fur balls, the game’s currency. These fur balls can be spent on new cats, which produce fur balls faster, as well as items to decorate the cat’s room. Players can also level up their existing cats to further increase their productivity.

Walking War Robots (Free on Android) – Following the game’s release on iOS over a year ago, Pixonic’s Walking War Robots has come to Android devices. The 3-D multiplayer shooter sees players controlling large mechs in six-vs-six battles, with 13 robots to choose from. Players can choose from 19 different weapon types, and can upgrade their robot to increase its firepower, speed and durability.

9 Innings Manager (Free on iOS, Android) – From Com2uS, this baseball simulation game was created in partnership with the Major League Baseball Players Association, giving gamers access to over 5,000 registered real-world athletes from past and present. Players become the general manager of their favorite team, and can recruit new players via trades, drafts or the Free Agent market. Once their team has been created, players can take it into leagues, which simulate games, and allow players to watch the action or skip directly to the results. In between games, players can answer media interview questions, which can impact the team’s morale. In addition to the single-player league mode, players can compete against other players in a ladder mode.

Pandemic The Board Game

Pandemic: The Board Game ($6.99 on Android) – From F2Z Digital Media, Pandemic: The Board Game is a digital version of Z-Man Games‘ physical board game. Pandemic is a cooperative experience, asking players to fight and find cures for four diseases before humanity falls. On each turn, players can complete different actions, like flying to a city in need or removing disease cubes from the board, as examples. At the end of each turn, new cities are infected with disease cubes. The game offers multiple difficulty settings, and supports games of two to four players. Users can also play the game by themselves, if they play multiple roles on the team. Pandemic: The Board Game was previously released on iOS.

Skyshield Orb Attack

Skyshield: Orb Attack (Free on iOS) – From Eclective Games and publisher Thumbspire, Skyshield: Orb Attack challenges players to prevent orbs from reaching the bottom of the screen by moving a paddle left and right to hit them as they fall. When orbs hit the paddle, they bounce into the sky and may be destroyed, depending on their size. That is, as players progress, orbs become larger, and may need to bounce off of the paddle multiple times before they’re completely eliminated. Power-ups will also fall from the sky, with one slightly increasing the size of the paddle for a short time, and another instantly eliminating all orbs on the screen, and so on.

Smart Cookie Cat (Free on iOS, Android) – From OUAT Entertainment, Smart Cookie Cat challenges players to rescue a cat’s treasure from dogs by clearing the board of symbols in each stage. This is achieved by connecting two matching symbols with lines that take no more than two turns between the two items. Levels become more complicated as players progress, with obstacles added to the board, but players have access to a free ‘Eagle Eye’ power-up, which displays possible moves.

Worms 4

Worms 4 ($4.99 on iOS) – From Team17, Worms 4 has been developed specifically for mobile, with smaller environments and teams, along with shorter match lengths, making it easier to battle while on the go. In Worms 4, players choose to support the red or blue faction, and control their worm army by firing weapons at enemies on the other side of the battlefield. The game offers synchronous online multiplayer matches, as well as 80 single-player missions. Players can collect new weapons, like Hailey’s Comet, as well as over 100 weapon upgrades, which can be mixed and matched as players see fit. In addition to standard single-player and multiplayer matches, Worms 4 offers timed world events, which see players competing against others with the goal of helping their faction earn prizes. The game also offers daily challenges, giving players additional chances to earn rewards for themselves and their faction.

World of Warriors: Duel (Free on iOS, Android) – From Mind Candy, this latest installment in the World of Warriors franchise tests players’ reflexes by asking them to tap on the screen when the word ‘fight’ appears. The game pits the player’s warrior head-to-head against a variety of enemies, and challenges them to tap as fast as they can after the ‘fight’ trigger appears to defeat them. If players are too slow, they’ll be defeated instead. Players collect gold as they complete games, which can be spent on new warriors for their team. In addition to single-player matches, players can also compete in local multiplayer duels.

Dungeon Boss (Free on iOS, Android) – Now available worldwide, Dungeon Boss from Big Fish Games is a strategy RPG, which sees players defeating regular enemies and bosses across dungeons. Players will collect a variety of heroes over time, each with different abilities. As players complete dungeons, their heroes will level up and become stronger. Players will also receive coins as they play, which can be spent to upgrade a hero’s individual abilities. In addition to a single-player campaign mode, players can create their own dungeon and use heroes to defend it from other players.

Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker (Free on iOS, Android) – A clicker or idle game from Fliptus, Beat Bop: Pop Star Clicker asks players to rapidly tap on the screen to earn money for their struggling musician, which can be spent on merchandise to help him become a superstar. For instance, players may purchase a bundle of stickers, which will be sold automatically in the background, increasing players’ passive gold production (the gold produced even without tapping on the screen). Over time, players can unlock different kinds of merchandise, or upgrade their existing offerings to increase their value. As players progress, they’ll be able to flip over cards which may contain positive or negative status effects, and have the option to upgrade or skip these effects by watching video ads or spending premium currency.

Fishy Bits

Fishy Bits (Free on iOS) – The newest ‘Bits’ game from PlaySide Studios, Fishy Bits is an endless swimmer, offering gameplay similar to Flappy Bird. Players begin with a single fish, which swims automatically across the screen, leaving players to tap and hold to swim farther down in the water to avoid obstacles. As players swim, they can eat smaller fish to earn evolution points, but must avoid larger fish in the process. When players have collected enough evolution points with each particular fish (which carry across games, but are not shared between fish), they evolve and become larger, and can therefore eat larger fish on the screen. Gamers can also collect coins as they swim, which are used to unlock treasure chests containing new playable characters.

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