Mobile Marketing and the Future of E-Commerce

While it's important not to inundate customers with too many messages, consistent and well-timed follow-up could result in higher engagement and mobile commerce conversions.

shutterstock_145915421E-commerce is a growing and important global market, driven largely in part by increased adoption and use of mobile devices. A report from OtherLevels, a digital marketing platform, examines the potential future growth of the mobile space, and the importance of marketing messages for mobile.

According to data analyzed by Digi-Capital, mobile commerce will be the primary source of mobile revenue by 2017. Commerce alone is projected to generate $516 billion; a big increase on the $133 billion generated in 2013. Consumer apps will generate $74 billion, and mobile ad spending will generate $42 billion. Additionally 50 percent of overall commerce could be conducted on mobile by 2017.

With so much potential for revenue, marketers need to ensure their messages are well timed and relevant for customers in the mood to shop. Five test groups, each representing 20 percent of consumers, investigated by OtherLevels demonstrated how inconsistent the market is at engaging with customers.

One group, received no emails or marketing messages. Another group only received re-engagement messages because of a lack of activity. The “heavy message” group received a midweek message, a weekend message, and a retargeted message if users took no action because of the first two messages.

Overall, the report indicates that more messages lead to more consumer engagement. In fact, more messages led to increased app usage, increased barcode scanning, and joining retailer loyalty programs. The frequency of messages is also important, as consumers that received messages within the last 48 hours were up to 28 percent more likely to use a company’s app after receiving a message.

Retargeting, or sending users a follow up message after an initial marketing message, also provided significant lifts in several categories. Following a Friday message with a retargeted Sunday message boosted response rates anywhere from 36 percent 66 percent. The caveat is, of course, that too many messages on the same topic can turn users away, so use retargeting carefully.

Download the report to see which types of content resulted in the most engagement to your marketing messages, or to see the mobile marketing strategies of the top companies marketing through mobile, download the report here.

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