Black Friday Versus Cyber Monday in Social Media Mentions

This year’s Cyber Monday sales saw the largest online spending days on record, but the tipping point might also be in the overwhelmingly positive consumer attitude towards Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday.

Social media analytics by CAS revealed that Black Friday received more mentions, but Cyber Monday decisively won consumer favorability. Cyber Monday shoppers also value price, time, convenience,  and customer service.  Click below to see the rest of the survey graphics.


The survey was “tracked using SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase. With its powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine, SAP Social Media Analytics stores and interprets the last year of conversations from Facebook, twitter, and 165 million other sites across the social web – including social media networks, blogs, product review sites, forums, news sites, etc. – and provides insights into emotions, behaviors, brands, themes, passion, and sentiment.”



Graphics via CAS