Mobile Social Network MocoSpace Launches Android App

Boston-based start-up MocoSpace, is helping consumers connect with each other using Android phones through the recent launch of their chatting app. The android app will help garner a greater user base for MocoSpace and create additional opportunities for monetization. The mobile social network provider launched in 2006 and has already signed up over 11 million users.

MocoSpace’s previous target audience were non-techies, ages 18-34, without smartphones who want to get into the experience of MocoSpace without much headache. Noticing that the number of users from Android devices had spiked by 40% over the last half-a-year, making it the number one growing device for accessing MocoSpace over iPhone and Blackberry, the android app was launched. The app is set to maintain the existing brand experience of MocoSpace by offering simple functionality.

MocoSpace CEO Justin Siegel said, “We’ve really listened to what our users want in developing this application. We know that our users love to communicate, so we’re committed to giving them the best mobile chat experience to help people stay connected and have fun on their phones.”

With the app users can:

  • Chat with friends in real time
  • Upload/share photos in an instant
  • View social profiles and comment on social networks
  • Receive notification of messages

MocoSpace holds great potential for advertising, especially as spending on mobile ad increases drastically. With consumer profiles and interests, advertisers will be able to hyper-target MocoSpace consumers, helping MocoSpace’s monetization strategy proliferate in addition to its virtual currency implementations. As one of the largest social networks on mobile platforms, we expect MocoSpace to grow to greater success.