MobileContentToday Poll: Should Voice Calls Using WiFi Be Allowed During Flights?

USA Today’s Roger Yu asks…

Should airlines let passengers make calls via Wi-Fi?

You can’t turn on your phone’s CDMA or GSM voice radio while in flight. But, WiFi (wireless LAN) is allowed and even necessary if your flight provide in-flight WiFi service. As in-flight WiFi becomes more common, people will start using one of the many voice over net services like Skype, truphone, or Google Talk to speak with friends and family. However, do you really want to have dozens or hundreds of conversations going on while you are trying to catch a little sleep, watch a video, or simply read a book? I set up a little poll using (first time I’ve used it) to get a rough idea of what other people think of this development. The poll is a simple one question poll with a simple yes or no response. Click on the link below to make your vote…

Poll: Should Voice Calls over WiFi Be Allowed on Flights

Via the truphone blog