MobJet, a So-Called ‘Twitter Killer,’ Expands

Touted as a potential “Twitter Killer,” new social media service MobJet has launched in Singapore after its debut in Japan earlier this year.

The microblogging tool allows users to stay connected and communicate through an exchange of pictures, videos, audio files and text without the restriction of character limits.

Founded by Singapore-based entrepreneur and consultant James Skinner, MobJet claims it’s set to challenge Twitter on the world stage.

“With the high Internet penetration rate in Singapore, Singaporeans’ tech-savvy nature and their love of sharing instant news with their network, we expect MobJet to become even more popular in Singapore,” Skinner said.

Skinner is also a senior advisor to YouPublish, a self-publishing service.

MobJet works with Twitter and Facebook so users can immediately notify their Twitter and Facebook feeds of the new posts they have added to MobJet.

In the future, it hopes to incorporate more features into its Web site and collaborate with other social media venues, such as LinkedIn.

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