MobPartner reveals MobBridge tool for driving mobile downloads from desktop websites

Image via MobPartner

Mobile affiliate network MobPartner has announced its new MobBridge advertising tool, giving publishers a new way to increase their revenue and monetize web traffic through advertisements for mobile apps that run on their websites.

Using MobBridge, publishers can display ads for iOS or Android apps on their website. When users click on these ads, they’re taken to a specific landing page containing a QR code to scan for the app. Users can also have a direct link to the app’s store page sent to their phone via email for later downloading.

Instead of requiring advertisers to create special graphics or other materials for these campaigns, they simply enter the app’s unique ID, and the MobBridge system populates the matching landing page with all of its necessary information, including price, screenshots, its icon and the app’s description.

The platform works on a cost-per-install basis. Advertisers already using the MobBridge platform have reported average conversion rates of two to five percent for their advertisements.

“MobBridge seamlessly brings the online and mobile worlds closer together,” said Cristina Constandache, Senior VP of Marketing at MobPartner, in a statement. “Driving consumers from a desktop site to downloading a mobile app has traditionally been very hard, but MobBridge solves this problem by connecting desktop and mobile advertising in a way that is easy to use and mutually beneficial for publishers and developers.”

MobPartner expects to expand its MobBridge platform for iPad app functionality in the coming months. More information on the platform is available on MobPartner’s blog.