Magazine Publisher Walks Back Swastika on the Cover

The Academy of Model Aeronautics flies straight into controversy.

ModelAviationOctober2016CoverForbes contributor John Goglia has a fascinating summary of a content controversy swirling in a corner of the world of specialty magazines.

For the October 2016 issue of Model Aviation, the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) featured a replica of a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 on the cover. On the tail is the Nazi swastika, and that did not sit well with many. Goglia got the following comment from AMA:

“AMA understands the concerns raised by some of our members regarding the cover photo of the October issue of Model Aviation. We regret that the photo of a scale model aircraft inadvertently upset some of our members. AMA recognizes the sensitivity of the issue and our intent was never to offend anyone. We have removed all photos that existed on social media and our website wherever we can.”

Goglia for his piece also interviewed Peter Sachs, a lawyer who publishes Drone Law Journal, about the cover controversy and how it possibly entangles the FAA. The Academy, which is based in Muncie, Ind., is by all indications officially recognized by the FAA, even though the reporter got a strange statement from that end.

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