Moms’ Site Launches ‘Baby Bloomer’ for Mothers in Their Mid-30s and Up, the pink-heavy Web portal that caters to “later” moms, today announced the launch of Baby Bloomer, a “free monthly digital publication” for 35+ women who have lately given birth, adopted, or otherwise become caretakers of a first child.

The e-zine will include content such as mom profiles, travel tips and other motherly subjects. Motherhood Later also says it’s cooking up three newsletters — health-related Baby Bloomer Blossom, Baby Bloomer Bud-to-Bud (sort of self-explanatory and a great pun) and the product-recommending Baby Bloomer Picks.

Motherhood Later founder Robin Gorman Newman (who also wrote How to Marry a Mensch) established the site to create a supportive community for “later” moms after she had a child at 42.

Press release after the jump.

NEW YORK, April 21, 2010 — Motherhood Later … Than Sooner, a resource for those parenting later in life, has announced the May launch of Baby Bloomer, a free monthly digital publication. Geared toward women who became a mother at 35+, whether for the first time or again, contributing writers are “later” moms, authors and experts. It will feature profiles of later moms (including celebrities), and cover such subjects as travel, self care, parenting, family matters, work, etc.

Three specialty “offspring” newsletters are also in the works. They are Baby Bloomer Blossom (health, fitness, nutrition, spiritual well-being, etc.), Baby Bloomer Bud-to-Bud (wisdom, stories, tips from “later” moms) and Baby Bloomer Picks (books, CDs, products, etc. recommendations). Editor of the newsletters is Amy Lerman, and publisher is Robin Gorman Newman.

Motherhood Later … Than Sooner was founded by Robin Gorman Newman, author, How to Marry a Mensch, who became a mom at 42. The Great Neck, NY resident recognized the need for “later” moms to connect, both in person and online, and hence was born. It is the only on/offline community for “later” moms, and there are in-person chapters worldwide that host events. Bloggers share their life/parenting experiences, and the site features news and profiles of “later” moms, a shop with exclusive product, and links to Motherhood Later online communities/group.

“Our mission is to support, empower and connect those parenting later in life, so they know they’re not alone,” says Newman, who heads the NY chapter with close to 500 members to date. “I was very surprised that nothing like Motherhood Later existed, and when you become a “later” mom, it is essential to feel empowered by that decision and to connect with others where age is an asset, not an issue. Our members run the gamut from those who adopted, to women who gave birth in their 50s (some to twins), to stepmoms who never thought they’d be a mother, to moms with both toddlers and teens/20-somethings, to single moms, etc. We also hear from aspiring later moms who are trying to conceive … and others who are single and anticipate one day they’ll be a later mom, and they want to know what it’s like. The road to “later” parenthood isn’t always an easy path, and we are here to share the ride … baby bumps and all.”

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