Gross Monica Lewinksy Items to Be Auctioned Off: Sorry, Blue Dress Not Included

What Washington woman doesn’t want a bunch of plus-sized clothing, including a sheer black negligee once owned by Monica Lewinksy?

As emotionally devastating as this is, we may just have to pass on the “extraordinary lot” of 32 Lewinksy items examined by Kenneth Starr leading up to the impeachment proceedings of then-President Bill Clinton. The event, by Nate D. Saunders Auctions, is scheduled for June 27.

The items were originally gifted to Lewinsky’s former high school teacher, Andy Bleiler, with whom she had a 5-year affair. Good times. Not surprisingly, it was Bleiler’s ex-wife, Kate Nason, who coughed up the items for the auction. The offerings, which include letters and presidential chocolates and such, were dated during the Clinton-Lewinksy affair.

“Items owned by Monica Lewinsky, especially relating to the Clinton scandal and Ken Starr investigation are exceedingly rare,” said Nate Sanders in a release. “This is, to my knowledge, the only collection of this nature to come to light.”

All clothing is sized L or XL, including some European sizing that translates to a size 14. The lot does not include the semen-stained blue dress, but there is a slightly crushed box of presidential M & M’s. We don’t even want to know where they’ve been.

See the items. All bidding happens here.

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