Monopoly Slots comes to iOS, Android for free

Electronic Arts and Hasbro have announced the launch of Monopoly Slots on mobile, bringing slot machines inspired by the classic board game to life on Android and iOS devices. The game sees players earning experience points to unlock new slots, playing mini-games and more as they try to strike it rich.

Monopoly Slots starts players on Easy Street, and asks them to gain experience point levels before they can unlock additional slots, like “High Voltage” or “Platinum Riches.” Points are earned in a one-to-one ratio to the amount of coins bet, and higher bet amounts are unlocked as players level up. Additional experience points can also be won at random if they appear on a machine’s reels, with these also increasing appropriately as players bet more and more coins on each spin.

The machines in Monopoly Slots support auto-spin, and mini-games and free spins can be triggered by landing on special reels, like the “Go” space or “It’s Raining Money.” Free coins are also rewarded to players every four hours for simply playing the game.

Monopoly Slots joins Monopoly Bingo, another free-to-play Monopoly game, released by EA in November. Monopoly Slots is free to download on iOS and Google Play. Check back soon to follow both Monopoly games on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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