Monsters Ate My Condo Leads Charge of iOS Exclusive Games from Adult Swim

Cartoon Network’s mature programming label, Adult Swim, is no stranger to the iOS platform, having released the likes of Robot Unicorn Attack and Amateur Surgeon on Apple’s platform. Unlike those titles, a new lineup of mobile releases from the Turner-owned brand will be available only on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, beginning with the recently launched Monsters Ate My Condo.

Developed by PikPok, best known by iOS gamers for Flick Kick Football, this puzzle game — a $0.99 universal app — is built on a fresh game mechanic that sees players flicking floors of a continually growing apartment building into the mouths of two giant monsters, styled after the “kaiju” beasts of Japanese film.

The monsters, like the floors, are color-coded. Feeding the right-colored floors to the appropriate monster will satisfy it. Send it too many incorrect ones and it will attack the building, sending it to the ground and ending the game. Players must also be careful that flicking floors doesn’t disturb the building’s balance. This becomes especially crucial when removing floors to create matches of three or more same-colored condos. These combine to form special metallic condos, and feeding these to either kaiju will activate their special powers.

There are four monsters in the game: a giant crab with the power to slow time; a dog in a robot suit that boosts the player’s score; a dancing lizard that doubles combo scores; and a unicorn that can prevent the tower from toppling for a short period.

Metallic condos start out bronze, then turn silver and gold as three or more of them are matched. The more powered-up the condo, the longer the special effect lasts. As players perform more matching combos, they level up and grow a score multiplier. Eventually, new floors are introduced that increase the challenge, including concrete condos that can’t be fed to monsters and bomb condos that eventually explode, angering the monsters, both of which can only be eliminated by matching condos around them.

Monsters Ate My Condo will be followed later this month by Bring Me Sandwiches, from developer Grumpyface Studios. In this game, players will construct sandwiches from the contents of entire cities — cars, junk, even people — and feed them to a giant alien creature. Three more iOS-exclusive titles are due from Adult Swim in 2011.

You can follow Monsters Ate My Condos’ progress using AppData, our tracking service for mobile games and developers.

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