Montana, the Greatest State in the Union, Decides to Return to Simple License Plate Designs

As you likely know, over these past couple of years UnBeige has become perhaps the best source for license plate-related news. How this happened, we’re still not sure. But it is so and as such, we must continue. This time around, we head west, to Montana, whose very wise government officials have just unveiled their newly-redesigned plates and we have to say that we’re just ecstatic about them. The state has apparently decided to nix those multi-color, web-site listing travesties every state in the union started rolling out roughly a decade ago, and instead will be returning to their roots, when men were men, women were women, and license plates were wonderfully simple and to the point. The new design has an outline of the state, the plate number, and that’s about it. Even the colors were “picked from plates of the past.” So to Montana, we stand and offer hearty applause. We hope you’ll do the same, so that all 49 other states will start making similar returns to decency.

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