MoPub Debuts ‘Native’ Ads as Twitter Ramps Up Its Marketing Products

Gives advertisers more flexibility with in-app purchases

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MoPub has announced an ad-buying platform for apps that lets mobile marketers build different types of promotional experiences. In the example given of launch partner Tango, a cross-platform messaging app with some 130 million users, the ads—billed as "native"—can appear in Tango users' news feeds and message inboxes.

The Financial Times first revealed plans for the platform in October, one month after Twitter purchased MoPub for a reported $350 million. According to the San Francisco-based companies, app developers can work with a brand marketer to place promos in their apps while matching their apps' design elements—offering creative flexibility to produce "native" looks and feels. MoPub counts 95 mobile ads partners in its automated marketplace.

"Native ads offer an opportunity to monetize your app more effectively by matching the original content's look and feel," MoPub said in its post, "maintaining the same great experience for your users."

Meanwhile, the development comes on the heels of Twitter releasing a broad-match feature for buying Promoted Tweets against keywords. Indeed, post-IPO, the company is looking to ramp up monetization. Per the micro-blogging platform, its users converse in different ways that indicate the same intent by utilizing synonyms, different spellings or Twitter-specific lingo.

In an example given by Twitter, a coffee shop that needs to target espresso drinkers can run a campaign with the broad match keywords "love + latte." The Promoted Tweet ad buy would also let the brand zero in on messages containing the keywords "love latte" or "luv espresso," in two possible instances.

Broad-match systems are nothing new to digital marketing. Twitter rival Facebook introduced the feature a few years ago.

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