More Arabs Use Facebook Than Read Newspapers

The BBC has concluded that based on the numbers presented by Spot On Public Relations about the growth of Facebook use in Arab countries, Facebook now outstrips the total number of newspaper copies in the region. While it has been well established that the newspaper industry is dying, it’s important to note the growing influence of Facebook in other regions around the world.

The numbers are relatively significant: there are >15 million Arab usersand only 14 million newspaper copies in the region which come in Arabic, English, and French, according to the BBC. While the number of newspaper readers is surprisingly low, it highlights how Facebook is experiencing a growing influence in the region.

As we’ve highlighted over the past couple years, this has created some tension between the governments and Facebook. Most recently, Facebook was banned in Pakistan due to a group called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” While we’d assume that Pakistan will eventually provide access to the site again at some point, it highlights how Facebook needs to manage cultural differences if it is going to truly unite the global social graph.

Despite controversy, Facebook continues to expand their reach and this latest statistics highlights that.