More Big Gains For the Top Games On This Week’s List of Fastest Facebook Growers By MAU

The top section of this week’s list of fastest-growing Facebook games by monthly active users is essentially a replay of last week. Treasure Isle, Hotel City and Family Feud remain the top three, with fairly steady gains.

Treasure Isle, the new Zynga game, picked up over seven million new players. It’s now Zynga’s fifth-biggest, and has a distance of fewer than three million players to cross to beat Mafia Wars. Another gain similar to the past week’s will put Isle in spitting distance of becoming Zynga’s top game besides FarmVille, which remains out of reach with over 80 million MAU. That’s not bad, for a game still under a month old.

Here’s the AppData top 20 list:

Top Gainers This Week – Games
Name MAU Gain Gain, %
1. Treasure Isle 21,796,889 +7,386,930 +51.26
2. Hotel City 11,658,606 +2,995,518 +34.58
3. Family Feud 2,902,844 +972,936 +50.41
4. Name Analyzer 1,136,818 +950,566 +510.37
5. Zoo Paradise 4,480,205 +627,389 +16.28
6. Tiki Resort 5,842,907 +621,080 +11.89
7. Mall World 1,434,806 +553,600 +62.82
8. Kingdoms of Camelot 2,086,825 +360,963 +20.91
9. Bubble Island 6,055,854 +331,747 +5.80
10. Garden Life 1,132,510 +291,177 +34.61
11. Social City 12,537,726 +286,627 +2.34
12. Fish Friends 1,008,319 +280,969 +38.63
13. Texas HoldEm Poker 29,617,559 +262,724 +0.89
14. Write In Pictures 523,958 +248,438 +90.17
15. Battle Punks 308,912 +223,952 +263.60
16. Ameba Pico 1,602,526 +217,806 +15.73
17. My Stuff 3,743,402 +205,654 +5.81
18. Funfari 249,384 +200,430 +409.43
19. ¡Teclas Machucadas! 379,671 +185,744 +95.78
20. Bola 1,519,300 +184,544 +13.83

Playfish’s Hotel City slowed down a bit over the week, coming just short of three million new MAU. But it’s still poised to pass Social City, by Playdom, which was the top new game of the year before Hotel City and Treasure Isle came along. Family Feud, the game-show redux, is still gaining steadily as well.

In fourth is Name Analyzer — but you can ignore it, as it’s not really a game. Analyzer took the spot occupied last week by Zoo Paradise, which is now in fourth. All of the above games, along with Tiki Resort, have been steady gainers for two or more weeks.

With Mall World and Kingdoms of Camelot, we come to newer territory. Mall World is an incredibly girly game that was recently released. It purports to serve the estrogen market, and sure enough, a quick scan of a few hundred users reveals a 100 percent female userbase — there’s not even a way to create a male avatar. Camelot is a rather older game that recently began getting serious traction for its deep medieval strategy play.

A quick scan over the rest of the list will reveal a several more new gainers, but for a better view of them you should head back to our Friday list of emerging games, where we discuss a few in more depth.