More Free Advice For The Barry Twins

This has been all over the blogosphere this weekend but if you didn’t see it, read the sad story of Katie and Kristy Barry, journalism majors who have been looking for jobs for seventeen months.

There has been a lot said about these girls—that they’re wrong to send homemade candy to editors, that they’re wrong to be looking in NYC, that they’re wrong to live in a Manhattan apartment (that they share with their brother and a guy on the couch) at almost $3000 a month. This is all probably true.

But if this is all the crap they’re doing wrong, how can they do it right?

J. Maureen Henderson penned a piece on True/Slant called “Free Advice For Katie And Kristy Barry” that contained some good information (“for the love of God, volunteer”) but we’ll add one more.

Ladies, where on earth is your web presence? Why are neither of you on Twitter (as far as we can tell), where are your blogs and why does a web marketer own I can’t even find your clips online (ok, that’s not true, Kristy’s byline in the Rutgers Observer comes up after 2-3 pages of Google results).

I know y’all have common names but you can fix this. Start that blog, learn some rudimentary SEO and put yourself on the front of Google no matter what it takes.

And for the love of God consider leaving Competition City to get your chops somewhere.

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