MORE LISTS: TIME‘s Most Underreported Stories

That’s right, more lists y’all! TIME magazine has about one bajillion different lists that we could, theoretically post about. But we’re choosing this one because we tend to agree that these stories need to be talked about more. As you might expect, soon-to-be-radio-host (God willing) Anthony Weiner is nowhere to be found here. You may be wishing he was, though, by the time you get through the whole list. Not gunna lie -ost of this stuff is real depressing. Without further ado:

TIME‘s Top 10 Underreported Stories of 2013

1. Anarchy in the Central African Republic: The President of the country has fled and a brutal band of rebels commit atrocities across the country. The UN and France are considering intervening.

2. U.S. Violent Crime Rises for Second Straight Year: Crime is up 1% since 2011 with likely the economy to blame. It doesn’t help that police are strained by cuts to local governments.

3. Legalization of Pot in Latin America: From Uruguay to Columbia to Mexico, Latin American countries are relaxing laws against pot. Along with decriminalization in some states and localities in the US, this could have profound effects on the drug war.

4. Government Shutdown Causes Problems for Long-Term Science Research: The weeks long interruption of government services has ruined several important government funded research projects. Experimental cancer meds went un-administered, Arctic research data was lost, and mice in Alzheimer experiments died.

5. Heightened Violence in Iraq: 8,000 civilians died in Iraq in 2013, and some estimate that Al Qaeda is as strong or stronger than it was before the Surge. Sunnis feel discriminated against by the government, and Shiite leaders are calling on followers to take up arms. Will civil war be next?

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6. Massive South Dakota Snowstorm Devastates Ranchers: The October blizzard killed thousands of cows who hadn’t grown protective fur yet. Ranchers in Montana are trying to help by sending pregnant cows to the state, but cattle stocks take years to rebuild.

7. Hundreds of Exoplanets Discovered: NASA’s Kepler team added 833 to its exoplanet list, bringing the number of known exoplanets to more than 3,500. At least 100 of them are in the Goldilocks zone  -not too hot, not too cold -and could support life.

8. The Spread of the MERS Virus: That’s right, another killer virus. This one has “only” killed 160 so far, but scientists predict it will move out of the Middle East and could become an epidemic.

9. Muslim-Buddhist Violence in Burma: The end of military rule in Burma has seen sectarian violence spread. hundreds are dead and 150,000 displaced.

10. Gay Cure Organization Exodus International Closes: After nearly 40 years the organization closes after apologizing for “years of undue judgment by the organization and the Christian church as a whole”. Founder and former gay, Alan Chambers, also admitted having “ongoing same-sex attractions.”

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