More on the First Guy in the iPad Line

Lots more info has surfaced on the first guy in the iPad line. Turns out he’s a longtime publicity whore and somebody whose main passion is being first in line for stuff and giving soundbites to the media. His name is Gregory Packer, and he’s a retired highway repairman from Long Island. Not only was he first on line for the iPhone, but he’s been first for a bunch of other stuff too, including Bill Clinton’s first book signing, the release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and the greeting line for George W. Bush after his inauguration! Gawker has more details.

Here’s what Packer told The New York Times when the paper profiled him in 2003: “My expertise is being a psycho-fan…My opinion is always valid, and I always have an answer for everything.”

Check out the video above from Mashable. Wow. The next American Idol?