More than 140 Characters from 140 Characters Conference

If the name of the event didn’t make it obvious, Twitter was the focus of the 140 Characters Conference in New York Tuesday.

Nancy Lazarus covered the event for sister blog PRNewser. Here are some media-industry-related highlights, courtesy of PRNewser:

The New York Times social-media editor Jennifer Preston:

Twitter lists have been valuable for news organizations. We were able to identify people on the ground in Fort Hood. We put together stories as they unfolded and were able to share them.

We had a successful experiment with foursquare in Vancouver, but it is not always good for journalists in dangerous places for everyone to know where they are.

CNN audience-interaction producer Eric Kuhn:

CNN is a huge organization, and you’d be hard-pressed to find someone there who is not on Twitter. Our Middle East correspondent, Octavia Nasr, who actively engaged on Twitter, was the only one who called the Lebanese election correctly because of Twitter. With Twitter, you can engage with CNN when you’re on TV with your laptop.

NPR senior strategist Andy Carvin:

I saw a shift in opinion in the Mumbai attacks. First I used the NPR Twitter account and asked questions about the terrorist attacks. Then I used my personal account, @acarvin, and I got more, as well as better, responses because people have a relationship with me. Large Twitter accounts are good for broadcasts and individual accounts are good for ongoing relationships. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.