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It’s only natural that, in the days following the announcement of four magazine closures at Condé Nast, everyone around the industry would have something to say. (We also had our own thoughts on getting laid off.)

Last night, at the cocktail party we hosted, the Condé closings were on everyone’s mind. We were asked, why didn’t the company look to sell longstanding epicurean title Gourmet instead of shuttering it? Our party guests weren’t the only ones wondering this. Former New York Sun managing editor Ira Stoll blogged about this very topic on The Future of Capitalism blog, focusing on the antitrust angle of a company closing one title but keeping another in the same category going.

Here are some other things that people are talking about:

The New York Observer looked at how Condé Nast can look towards a future in digital — especially in their epicurean and bridal areas. “One source from Condé Nast Digital told The Observer that [Gourmet’s] Web projects may be folded into, the site of Condé Nast’s other magazine about food and cooking, but those plans could not be confirmed.”

The New York Post reports that “at least three Condé Nast titles are said to be considering frequency chops as a way to shave budgets” by the approximately 25 percent mandated by company execs. Those said to be mulling cutting their frequencies include Allure, W and Lucky.

Gourmet editor Ruth Reichl called The New York Times‘ Kim Severson, “sounding tired and reflective and sad.” Reichl revealed that she is working on new book that will focus on “the Condé Nast years.” She will also continue to travel to support the new cookbook Gourmet Today and will debut the public television show “Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth” later this month.

And check out Jon Stewart’s solution to Condé Nast’s problems in the clip above, Pregnant Gourmet Bride magazine.

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