More users logging in with Facebook in outside apps

Facebook continues to be the login of choice for many mobile app users, according to a blog post from the company.

It seems that people who log in with Facebook are more engaged — and spend more money — than those who use alternative sign up methods. Many apps have seen strong results from their Facebook logins.

Highlights include:

  • Applauze: Facebook Login users are 27 percent more likely to be repeat ticket buyers. This app allows people easily discover and buy tickets for concerts and other events. They found that, compared to people that use other sign up options, Facebook Login users account for 70 percent of their top 100 spenders, with 27 percent more likely to be repeat buyers.
  • Threadflip: Facebook Login users spend twice as much time using the app, with 38 percent more likely to buy in their first week and 50 percent more like to be repeat customers in the first month.
  • Cooliris is a personal media hub for people to view all their photos in one place and share in private groups. Facebook Login users are 50 percent more likely to share their photos, invite 2x more friends to groups, and are 50 percent more likely to initiate conversations within the app.
  • Swell Radio lets users listen to personalized news and information radio stations from their mobile device. Users listen on average 8 percent longer per session and like and bookmark tracks more frequently.

Privacy is always a concern as Facebook users’ data is accessed when giving an outside app login permission. Fortunately, Facebook has best practices in place to keep that data secure, one being that they ask only for the permissions that are needed to improve a person’s experience in their app.

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