More Women Discuss Roger Ailes’ Unwanted Advances

What a guy.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 8.52.55 AMHey, how about we go into the long weekend with more disgusting allegations about former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes? Sound good? Then you need to check out Gabriel Sherman’s latest report for New York.

Sherman’s piece is a must read, but we thought we’d highlight just one of the interactions we’re talking about.

In 2004, Ailes told a Fox News administrative assistant that he could get her jobs acting in commercials. After promising to set her up with an agent, he asked her out for a drink. When she suggested a happy hour cocktail, he replied “For a man in my position, it would have to be alone at a hotel. Do you know how to play the game?”

The women replied that she didn’t feel comfortable doing that and said “I respect your family; what about your son?” She recalled that Ailes then shot back, “I’m a multifaceted man. That’s one side of me.” Then, when she was on her way out of the office, Ailes tried to kiss her. Surprisingly, she never heard from that agent.

Another important detail in this report: Gretchen Carlson—who started Ailes’ downfall by suing him for sexual harassment—recorded Ailes’ coercion with her iPhone. Good for her.

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