Morning Bloodbath: HuffPost’s Sam Stein Slices Off Top of Thumb

Sam Stein from the hospital: “My war wound. Not for the faint of heart.”

No joke. Last night HuffPost Political Editor and White House Correspondent Sam Stein hacked off part of his thumb. “Getting a first hand look at emergency room care after cutting off a small chunk of my left thumb while cooking. Fun,” he wrote at approximately 9 p.m. Monday night.

Piecing together his tweets, we deduced the following:

1. He waited one hell of a long time. Thankfully wife by his side. “Out of waiting room awaiting the stitches (let’s hope they can stitch it). The lovely @jessleinwand is by my side. Come on thumb! Hold on!”

2. A to an important Q: “For those asking, yes, you can tweet with one thumb. But two thumbs are preferable.”

3. He had to wait. “It’s a non critical injury, for sure. But two hours in I still haven’t seen or talked to a doc. Someone call the whambulence.”

4. And wait some more. “Starting to feel like the (kind) folks at GWU are literally going to cost me the top of my thumb it’s taking that long. Ugh”

5. Victory. The thumb is fine. “Thanks for well wishes all. thumb top remains attached, 4 now, w/ stitches holding it on. did NOT have 2 face dreaded death panels thank god.”

Reaction from friends and colleagues

“@samsteinhp Yo, Edward Scissorhands, how many times have I told you no juggling with Bowie knives? You’ve thrown your last knuckle ball.” — Former White House scribe Ken Bazinet in a Monday night tweet.

“SamSteinHP is our Rahm Emanuel” — HuffPost‘s Jason Linkins in a miraculously lowercase Monday night tweet.

“Nice! as i tell my 3 yr old boy, ‘that’s a good scrape!'” — HuffPost‘s Jon Ward in a Monday night tweet.

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