Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

WaPo‘s heart headline…

In Dana’s love letter to Newt, he says: “We love that, in an age of disciplined pols, you are different: You travel with suit jackets in multiple sizes to keep pace with your yo-yoing waistline. You’re always late — sometimes spectacularly so.” Read the full letter here.

Journo poses important sexual q

“I don’t get why more men don’t stand up for Planned Parenthood – have you ever had sex with a condom?” Labor journo Mike Elk.


“The Al Sharpton #MSNBC commercials make me wish that blueberry pie was poisoned.” — Publicist and Former ABC “This Week” Producer Courtney Cohen.

Disturbing WTOP headline: “30 cats infected in herpes outbreak at Virginia shelter” Read here.

From the Road

“Working below lovely waterfront restaurant in Tampa – & they’ve been playing 80s music for last 26 hrs. Now up: W Houston “How Will I Know”” — ABC News Correspondent Karen Travers.

Callista Gingrich on 7 am flight out of Orlando to DC. Not a hair out of place. Just sayin. #flprimary #awesomehair” — WaPo‘s Nia-Malika Henderson.

Rep. Kathy Hochul (D-N.Y.) tells The Hill she’s most at peace when… “I’m sitting on a hill overlooking Lake Erie, watching the sunset and enjoying a hot dog and iced tea.” Read more about her here.

Something one should never imagine: Gingrich clubbing

“Based on the music in Gingrich HQ, the campaign is going clubbing later. #flprimary” — CNN’s Jim Costa.

Bret Baier bloopers

“Bret Baier on Fox just pronounced ‘conspicuously’ as ‘conspishusly’ after a first failed attempt to say it right.” — The Blaze‘s and FBDC’s Eddie Scarry.


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