Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

Reader irritated by Breitbart mention

“Why would anyone with a brain care what Breitbarf is doing?” — Anonymous reader to FishbowlDC Monday after we ran news of his attendance at a digital book launch party last night.

Wentworth gets pre-interview anxiety

“On @piersmorgan tonight. A little scared. My armpits are sweaty.” — Comedian Ali Wentworth, wife of ABC “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos.

Reporting woes

“This is a first: Couldn’t get a comment from a press person b/c they left early to beat the weather.” — DCist Editor Martin Austermuhle.

Anonymous tipster writes in…“At this point you with Politico you have to wonder if they even have women’s restrooms.” (The writer is referring to the slew of female departures within the past year, the latest of which is Sara Libby to TPM.) A few minutes later, the tipster wrote back suggesting, “You should request a photo of a women’s restroom at Politico! I mean, what if they have to go outside to Chipotle or something?”

She got her gun

“I can’t put my gun down. Love it.” — TWT Senior Opinion Writer Emily Miller, shown here proudly traveling by Metro with her new gun.

What song has been rolling around in NBC Congressional Correspondent Luke Russert’s head for the past week? Listen here.

Spotted at Andrew Breitbart’s Capitol Hill townhouse last night: GOP political consultant Jason Roe. Tanned. Rested. In town from San Diego to attend CPAC. Breitbart was also there. Among other things, he had high praise for CNN’s Dana Bash, ribs and red wine. But more on that character later…

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