Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

A reporter pleas for wifi and pizza

“Hoping #cpac has Internet (and maybe pizza!) tomorrow. argh.” — HuffPost‘s Amanda Terkel, preaching to the choir.

Kirk Cameron — a national treasure?

“Kirk Cameron speaking at #CPAC In Search of America’s National Treasure, but Kirk, I hope you have a mirror, because you are that treasure.” — The faux DrJillBiden.

No wifi irks a lot of reporters

“I’m kind of fucked right now.” — Reporter sitting on Blogger’s Row at CPAC expresses the sentiment of every journo in the room as we went on hour four of no wifi.

Words to live by…

“Watching Downtown Abby reminds me of why I had to fire all my servants.” – Michael Hastings, Contributing Editor to Rolling Stone.

Let’s Move — with candy bars

“Feeling a little guilty about eating Kit-Kats in the press van during Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move’ tour.” –AP White House reporter Nancy Benac.

Fake story assignments

“But seriously, we’re having Gavin stake out the Dupont CVS pharmacy tomorrow morning #CPAC” — Fake Jim VandeHei referring to Politico‘s Patrick Gavin.

Spotted holding court in the bar of the Wardman Park Hotel late Thursday afternoon: GOP political consultant Jason Roe in town from San Diego. Watch out, he has reverse jet lag. He mysteriously wakes three hours earlier.

CPAC mania

“If I weren’t on a train car packed with CPAC-attending coeds, I’d say it’s the night’s greatest spectacle.” — Roll Call‘s Meredith Shiner.


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