Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“Nobody loves a thin man. This is the new Chris Christie’s problem.”WaPo Associate Editor and columnist David Ignatius on the Governor of New Jersey holding a special Senate election a month early, a move that will cost New Jersey some $24 million. Ignatius introduced the entirely new genre of Christie fat jokes this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” He has a point. Did anyone really like skinny Oprah?

Just another day on Capitol Hill: WTF?

“A guy outside the Capitol is yelling about neural microchips forcibly inserted thru the nose and it’s kind of amazing.” — CQ Roll Call‘s Daniel Newhauser.

Setting the record straight…“Nope, I wasn’t in Wash DC.” — News Junkie Marty Rudolf in reaction to our Separated at Birth of him in which a Marty lookalike was spotted at the Trader Joe’s in Washington’s Foggy Bottom neighborhood.

MSNBC host brings big, inflatable ball to work

“Buying an oversized yoga ball for the office now seems like a profoundly bad idea.” — MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, who added, “Contrary to conventional wisdom, deflating an oversized yoga ball is much harder than inflating it.” Note to readers: This is a photoshopped picture of Wagner. It’s her face, but not her body. By Austin Price.

Vomit-worthy Washington power talk

“OH near the Senate chamber: ‘Who in their right mind would ever want to share power?!'” — Gannett‘s Jon Campbell.

Email she won’t open…

“Email subject line makes me curious, but not enough to actually open it: ‘What does the color of your door say about you?'” — The Cook Report‘s Amy Walter.

The perplexing questions Hazy asks himself

“And why the frack is this NJ special election on a Wednesday? Was Thursday morning from 2am to 6am taken?” — MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, once a Boybander always a Boybander, even if he is in Manhattan. Beats us, Hazy? Who the frack knows?

Roland’s Rules on Journalism?

“It cracks me up how media folks don’t mind talking lack of diversity in the GOP, Obama’s Cabinet, but when u point to media, they get scared.” — “Washington Watch” host and Tom Joyner Show regular Roland Martin.

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Convo Between Two Journos Part I

Washington Examiner‘s David Freddoso: “We live in a world where substance just doesn’t matter.”

Detroit News Op-ed Editor James David Dickson: “Political correctness means no one has to think, just take offense.”

Need a beach read?

“Your next beach read-All the Summer Girls by @megdonohue. Great characters, story & lots of love for the Jersey Shore-what else do you need?” — ABC News Correspondent Karen Travers.

The Media Critic

“I wish the National Journal spent as much time looking into the IRS scandal as they do telling me how badly GOP is handling investigation.” — David Harsanyi, editor of Human Events and nationally syndicated columnist.

Politico Playbook Publish time: 8:08 a.m.

Convo Between Two Journos Part II

Free Beacon‘s CJ Ciaramella: “I’m super interested in bloggers yelling at each other and would like to read recaps of their arguments.”

Townhall‘s Kevin Glass: “With gifs plz.”