Morning Chatter

Quotes of the Day

“More on the dinner. No word on the vegetables. From a White House official: The menu tonight includes Alaskan halibut and peach pie.” — David Shepardson of the Detroit News‘ Washington Bureau in a Tuesday night White House Pool Report. Dinner was President Obama with a bipartisan group of female senators.

Online brawl narrowly averted

The would be criminals: WCP Editor Mike Madden and Daily Download Editor-in-Chief and Daily Beast Contributor Lauren Ashburn

MADDEN: “Anonymous New York Times staffers say paper’s first female editor is difficult to work with:… Gee, what a surprise.”

ASHBURN: “And a man wld be…?”

MADDEN: “That was my point.”

ASHBURN: “Got it; was piling on to fact that men seen as effective, women as beyatches.”

MADDEN: “Right.”

Speaking of NYT Editor-in-Chief Jill Abrams… “Just had a moment of affirmation when I realized no one I follow buys this ‘tempestuous, impossible woman editor’ nonsense. #TeamJill” — Greg Greene, formerly New Media Outreach Director for the DNC.

More praise for NBC’s Pete Williams (a.k.a. God)

“What sets Pete Williams apart among Washington/media figures is that when he suddenly became very famous he didn’t seem to take notice.” — Elizabeth Drew, contributor to the New York Review of Books and former Washington Correspondent of The New Yorker.

And now, an alarming tweet from the libs over at ThinkProgress: “If we want to help prevent sexual crimes, we should teach kids to accurately identify their genitalia.” Read here if you dare.

An admission…

“I’m going to admit something that’s been bothering me for awhile now: I think the Lumineers are annoying and Ho Hey makes me cringe.” — Reuters‘ Amanda Becker.

The Observers

“So. Boston bomber suspects, apparently able to blow up a marathon & evade being IDed for 4 days. But don’t know how to carjack a guy.” — National Journal‘s Elahe Izadi.

“Seems weird that people are still debating how to question Tsarnaev, since he’s already pretty much admitted everything.” — Blake Hounshell, Managing Editor of Foreign Policy magazine.

Unimportant Question to Never Ponder: “Will @anthonyweiner be fully clothed in his mayoral ads?” — Donald Trump.

Journo has no desire to go to gym

“On going to the gym right now, I quote Deb Morgan: ‘I’d rather put out a campfire with my face.'” — Politico‘s Jedd Rosche. Might this picture give you some incentive Rosche?


“If CNN’s John King hasn’t had a rough enough week, now CNN might make his former nemesis, Newt Gingrich, a colleague.” — Bruce Phillips, who writes the Mr. Media Training blog on the news of Newt Gingrich and Stephanie Cutter in talks to recreate CNN’s Crossfire, broken by Politico. See Newt attacking King here.

Glass half full: “Super excited for my first ever SPORTS PIECE in the next issue of @ESPNMag.” — GQ’s Marin Cogan, formerly of Politico and TNR.

Dana Perino thinks women talk too much?

“Observing people at neighboring tables at a restaurant before going to Hannity’s show and noticed that many women sure do talk a lot. A LOT.” — FNC “The Five” Co-host Dana Perino.  To which TV commentator Andy Levy, who sometimes appears on FNC’s “Red Eye” remarked, “Tweets like that are exactly why u could never be America’s sweetheart.”

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