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Quotes of the Day

Bus driver caught reading while driving

“Metrobus driver caught driving bus while reading newspaper.” — ABC7. The original video appeared on the classy-named Unsuck DC Metro. Read more here. Horribly, maybe this is proof that print isn’t going out of style. But more importantly, which NEWSPAPER was it?!

Scribe brings mom to WH Xmas party

“Was so proud to take my mom to the White House Christmas party tonight. About 50 more of ’em should make up for all the trouble I caused.” — Reuters‘ Sam Youngman earlier this week.

Febreze makes a sudden, inexplicable comeback

“The person who invented Febreze is a genius.” — MetroWeekly‘s Randy Shulman.

COS will dedicate special 3,000th tweet to deceased mother

“66 tweets to go to 3,000. I hope to make the 3000th on Dec 28 a tribute to my mother who passed away Dec 28 2006. Got any ideas? Thanks all.”  — Jim Sciutto, Chief of Staff to U.S. Emb. Bejing (and the Dept. of WTF?).

Monkeys on meth: How do they behave?

“Brief conversation with a US senator just now re monkeys on meth. Conclusion: They act crazy.” — Todd Zwillich, Washington correspondent for The Takeaway from Public Radio International.

Reporter wants to gorge on chocolate

“I love advent calendars. Is it too late to start one? I could just eat all the chocolate up to today in a day.” — The Hill’s Alexandra Jaffe.

Peter Ogburn and Eddie Scarry contributed to this report.

See who made the FishbowlDC Fan Club Board…


FishbowlDC Fan Club Board

President: Politico‘s John Harris (Sorry WaPo‘s Gene Weingarten, you’ve been toppled this week while you’re on vacation. Don’t worry. Maybe you’ll make a comeback next week.)

Secretary in charge of pencil sharpening: DCist‘s Ben Freed.

Swag bag expert: Stylist Paul Wharton.

Spiritual motivator: Sophia Nelson, author, columnist for and Essence.

International Fishbowl photographer:‘s Matthew Boyle.

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