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Quotes of the Day

“The reality is none of us is perfect.” — Congressional GOP Primary winner Mark Sanford on CNN’s “The Lead” Wednesday. As we all well know by now, Sanford lied to voters, cheated on his wife and misused taxpayer’s money. On a side note…This is becoming a thing: Jake Tapper keeps referring to Wolf Blitzer as “Mr. Roper” when he shows up on the set of his show.

Ted Turner’s provocative question for TWT‘s Emily Miller

“In CNN green room. Ted Turner asked T. Boone Pickens if I was his girlfriend.” — TWT‘s Emily Miller.

Breitbart editor asks for Fox News reporter’s hand in marriage

“Now that the marriage laws are changing I am thinking of asking for your hand @edhenry” — Breitbart News‘ John Nolte in reference to Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry. Both men are already married, but why not? They’d make a, if not cute, interesting couple.

Something to ask ourselves: “I can’t remember, is Wednesday the day for false equivalencies, not reading the article or something else?” — CBS Political Director and Slate‘s John Dickerson.

Beauty journo raves about large-barrel curling wand

“Tell me what your favorite curling iron is, specifically for beachy waves.” — Beauty blogger Kara Manos. Fellow beauty writer, Living Social Editor Liz McAvoy, replied saying, “I recently got the Remington large-barrel curling wand and reallyy like it — good price & good results!”

Speaking of beachy waves…

“For maximum convenience there are three people working at the Senate ID office and zero working ID printers. #senatequester. It’ll go well with my hippie hair whenever they deign to begin printing IDs again.” — Politico‘s Burgess Everett.

Fox News Contributor speaks sarcastically of “duck dicks”; Carnival Cruise news worsens; and sometimes journos really do express love.

Duck Dick Patrol: “Ah yes, if you don’t think taxpayers need to spend money to study duck dicks, you are anti-science.” — RedState Editor-in-Chief and Fox News Contributor Erik Erikson, who links to this story in Slate by Patricia Brennan who was funded by the National Science Foundation to study duck genitalia. The story claims Fox News and other conservative sites don’t understand science — that’s why they look at it with disdain. In her story…Brennan goes into a fairly complex graph about ducks having sex. She explains that male ducks have corkscrew shaped penises that they force on the females, and female ducks have “evolved vaginal morphology” and — whoa! we want to rewind to the moment where we didn’t know this much — “clockwise spiraling vaginas.” (Jesus, shouldn’t this come with some kind of TV-14 rating? And is there a hotline we can call to ask questions?) We think she’s trying to say that rape causes a female to shut down her lady parts. Bottom line? She writes, “Genitalia, dear readers, are where the rubber meets the road, evolutionarily.”

And in poop cruise news…

“Whoever cursed the poop cruise, I think your curse worked. you can stop now.” — Media Matters’ fellow Oliver Willis regarding the latest debacle with Carnival Cruise.

Journo Love

  • “Just saw the announcement that my bud @AliVelshi, CNN senior business correspondent is leaving for an ‘entrepreneurial project.’ Go Ali!” — “Washington Watch” Host Roland Martin, soon-to-be former CNN Contributor.
  • “I’m no conversation-shaping taste-maker, but FWIW I heartily endorse Jake Tapper’s show @TheLeadCNN. Informative, smart, fun.” — Yahoo! News‘s Olivier Knox.

The Observer

“U.S. Rep. Bobby Scott was just introduced in the House Chamber because sure, why not. Anyone else want a shout-out today?” — Steve Contorno, Virginia politics reporter for Washington Examiner.

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