A Mindmeld of Mystery

After several days of missing Politico Playbook’s “Mindmeld” feature, it surfaced again last week in a lead item. “ROMNEY CAMPAIGN MINDMELD” the headline blared. And in a Daily Caller story this morning on Media Matters for America, the phrase again appeared. Here’s how they used it in a sentence. “But at times there has seemed to be a kind of mind meld between the Obama political team and Media Matters.”

Personally we couldn’t be more excited that “mindmeld” is making its way into the zeitgeist (h/t Mike Allen.) Here in the Fishbowl we use it as both a noun and a verb, for anything from a headache to uber Publicist Wendy Gordon adding a new photoshopped picture of herself to her Facebook page or just anything that profoundly confuses us. I’ve also been considering using it as a torture method for Peter and Eddie. And yet… it is still by virtue a media mystery.

The feature dates back to Playbook circa 2008. Fortunately we were able to obtain further information on “Mindmeld” straight from the horses mouth: “The feature aims to illuminate what officials are actually thinking, but might not say from the podium. If we could give truth serum to top aides, this is what would be on their minds — their theory, reasoning, viewpoint,” Allen explained to FishbowlDC.

But some question the concept of Mindmeld, insisting that it just makes Allen a puppeteer for the Obama Administration, the Romney campaign or whoever else wants to “interpret” what’s happening.

WSJ‘s Neil King bravely tried his hand at Mindmeldian interpretation last week, which, when you think about it, is quite deep. So this is King translating Allen translating Romney. In a word: mindblowing.