Morning Reading List 04.10.13.

Run Michele, Run! As Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) continues her crusade to bypass the media and any news of possible ethics violations, it continues to backfire on her. In stories this morning by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and  TPM‘s Tom Kludt, she has reportedly tried to actively avoid the Fourth Estate yet again at a presser in Minnesota. Some might recall the recent running through basement of the Capitol as CNN’s Dana Bash, somewhat breathlessly but with great determination, interviewed her about comments she made at CPAC. From TPM: She was “rushed out of the room by aides and shielded from reporters as soon as she was questioned about potential ethics violations.”

White House Chef faces possible furlough: Thanks to Obama Foodorama blogger  Eddie Gehman (and Politico‘s Patrick Gavin who aggregated the news this morning) we now know that the White House chef Sam Kass may soon be impacted by the sequester cuts. See Gehman’s piece on Kass’s Tuesday meeting with reporters here; Gavin’s here.

What does Mark Mazzetti read anway? This morning, The Atlantic Wire publishes the reading diet of the NYT national security correspondent. Turns out he wakes to NPR and then heads to the NYT, but he already knows what’s there so he doesn’t dwell on it. His general first order of business is to see who beat him on a given story. He likes the BBC website, Mad Men, etc… Read the full piece here.