Moss Bureau Launches Online Design Store

Murray Moss and Franklin Getchell shuttered their gallery-cum-emporium in February of last year, and the design world is still experiencing withdrawal symptoms–until now. Moss Bureau, the “design advisory services” company formed by the duo in the wake of the store closure, has sprouted a retail arm and launched an online design store. Meet mossPOP. “The name says it all,” says the team behind the new venture. “We’re exploding with gifts, broken into gender-appropriate lists, for every gender we could think of. Sales so sudden, even we don’t know when they’ll happen. And since we’re mobile-optimized for iPhone and Android, we’re popping up all over town.”

Pop on over for a selection of design objects (classic and contemporary), watches, jewelry, books, furniture, and lighting on pages sprinkled with designy quotes from everyone from Mies Van Der Rohe (“I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.”) to…uh, Nicole Richie (“I am extremely involved in the design process of both my brands.”). We suggest starting with the mossPOP Selects section, in which Murray himself opines on some of his favorite objects with the curatorial verve that made the catalogue for his October Phillips sale such a treat. Not in the market for a $65,000 beeswax amphora? Pop for a wearable souvenir of the original Moss: a t-shirt that reads “please do not touch.”

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