Most Of Fortune’s 100 Best Places To Work Don’t Call You Back

With the recent news that the federal government is overhauling its hiring system to eliminate, or at least reduce, the job applicant “black hole”, dug into some old data and found a survey from 2008 that says the black hole is alive and well in the private sector.

Not that you didn’t know that already. used to do a Mystery Job Seeker test with each of the companies on Fortune’s 100 Best Places To Work list. They created a fake jobseeker (named James Knee Cricket, former employee of Maestro Geppetto) and fake resume and submitted it to all 100 companies.

Then what happened? In 78 out of 100 cases, the mystery shoppers received an automated “don’t call us, we’ll call you” message. In the other 22 cases, they received nothing.

A “few” companies sent 4-5 e-mails advising the fake candidate where he stood in the application process; eighteen sent an e-mail when the position was filled.

Three companies wanted to call the fake candidate in for an interview, despite the notification at the bottom of “his” resume that he was a fake. In fact, only three companies noticed the disclaimer.

If that’s not proof that nobody ever reads your resume, we’re not sure what is. Sigh.

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