The Most Retweeted Tweet Of 2013 Was…

Twitter has once again released the “Golden Tweets” of the year, a designation that carries more weight than just the number of retweets – although that stat is how those tweets earn the title.

But the emphasis is on the impact the Golden Tweets had on millions of people around the world, because after all, a retweet implies that a tweet had an effect on you.

Below, check out the 2013 Golden Tweet of the Year, plus two runners up.

The most retweeted tweet of 2013 was Lea Michele’s first public acknowledgement of the death of her Glee co-star and boyfriend Cory Monteith. According to Twitter, it was retweeted more than 408,000 times from 133 countries.

The second and third most retweeted tweet of the year were also by or about Hollywood celebrities.

Paul Walker’s staff tweeted a statement announcing news of the actor’s passing, which was retweeted 400,367 times as the world came together in mourning:

And, God help us, the third most retweeted tweet of 2013 was “a major life milestone” of tween sensation One Direction band member Niall Horan:

It’s devastating that the top two tweets of the year were regarding tragic, too-soon young deaths. But also uplifting that Twitter can be a resource for uniting across the globe in sympathy and bereavement.

Check out the full #YearOnTwitter site for more Twitter highlights from 2013.

(2013 image via Shutterstock.)