Mostly Television, Some Musicians on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Television shows ruled our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages again this week, as measured by our PageData tool, counting the number of fans added to a Page each day. We’ve seen the rise of the TV show on the list for a few weeks, knocking out most of our regulars like Facebook’s Page and President Barack Obama, although Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker jumped back onto the list with 13 TV shows this week.

We theorized that this great growth, which has been spread across show currently in syndication as well as shows that are no longer in production, had to do with Page consolidation that might have been related to the construction of Community Pages. The true reason isn’t known, but it is strange that shows that haven’t been off the air for years like “Seinfeld” or shows that are probably in re-runs right now like “Scrubs” are growing by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Family Guy 6,195,379 +1,125,217 +22.19
2. House 5,363,139 +694,519 +14.88
3. The Office 2,903,231 +522,593 +21.95
4. Lost 3,339,471 +487,771 +17.10
5. South Park 4,886,640 +381,707 +8.47
6. Scrubs 3,097,640 +372,479 +13.67
7. Desperate Housewives 1,507,653 +366,391 +32.10
8. Two and a Half Men 2,680,922 +315,075 +13.32
9. Texas Hold’em Poker 17,919,012 +303,491 +1.72
10. Titanic 2,844,116 +286,520 +11.20
11. Red Bull 3,059,160 +255,326 +9.11
12. Bones 1,019,516 +248,876 +32.29
13. REESE’S 1,927,743 +248,560 +14.80
14. Prison Break 2,247,974 +240,994 +12.01
15. Justin Bieber 3,514,821 +230,097 +7.01
16. CSI: Miami 1,324,113 +225,513 +20.53
17. Lil Wayne 4,217,903 +211,886 +5.29
18. Pink Floyd 2,721,739 +210,248 +8.37
19. Seinfeld 1,188,836 +205,506 +20.90
20. Sex and the City 765,194 +205,215 +36.65

It looked like May 4 and 5 were big days of consolidation, most Pages showed a pattern where those days had the most growth, which tapered off during the rest of the week. On some Pages, however, May 6 was also a big day.

Family Guy” topped our list at number one, growing by 96,000 to 281,000 fans during the week for a total of 1.1 million fans to a base of 6.1 million. “House” came in second place, growing by more than 100,000 fans on May 4-5, then to under 100,000 the rest of the week for a total of 694,500 fans added to a base of 5.3 million. This growth was strange, given that last month a good day was 2,000 fans added.

The Office” showed a similar pattern by growing early in the week, landing in third place, adding 522,500 fans to rise to a 2.9 fan base. “Lost” added 487,800 fans to grow to 3.3 million fans in fourth place. “South Park” in fifth place added about 381,700 fans to grow to more than 4.8 million.

In sixth place was “Scrubs,” which added 372,500 fans last week to grow to more than 3 million fans; the pattern here was similar to others, where May 4 and 5 showed the most growth, tapering off during the rest of the week. This Page is exemplary of the TV phenomenon on our list because the Page hasn’t been updated since the March series finale, so, one assumes re-runs are taking the place of new shows right now.

Desperate Housewives” was in seventh place, adding 366,400 fans to grow to 1.5 million; the series finale of this show is coming up soon. “Two and a Half Men,” came in at number 8, adding 315,000 fans to a base of 2.6 million. “Bones” came in at number 12, adding just under 249,000 fans to surpass 1 million fans.

Prison Break,” a show no longer in production, added about 241,000 fans to hit 2.2 million and number 14 on the list. “CSI: Miami” was at number 16, adding 225,500 fans to reach 1.3 million.

Seinfeld” at number 19 added 205,500 fans to reach 1.1 million and “Sex and the City” at number 20 added 205,200 fans to grow to 765,200 fans. Neither of these shows is currently in production, the series ended years ago, and last month the trend was adding a few hundred fans a day at best.

Non-television Pages made up the middle of our list.

Texas Hold’em Poker, usually at the top of our list, came in at number 9 this week, adding 303,500 fans to almost break 18 million at 17.9 million fans. This growth was steady, unlike the television show Pages. The 1997 movie “Titanic” added 286,500 fans to reach 2.8 million at take tenth place on our list, half of this growth occurred on two days, May 4 and 6. The Red Bull Page added 255,326 fans to pass 3 million fans and the Resse’s (candy) Page had a one-day jump of 247,000 fans on May 4 to grow to 1.9 million, adding 248,500 fans last week overall. The company is currently promoting a “I Love Resse’s Day” on May 18.

A few musicians also made our list this week. The insanely popular teen crooner Justin Bieber took the number 15 spot, adding 230,000 fans to a base of 3.5 million. Bieber was on national television and magazines this week and made an appearance at the White House. Rapper Lil Wayne, who is currently in prison, has been on our list before and is still active on Facebook, adding 211,900 fans to grow to 4.2 million. Pink Floyd was at number 18, adding 210,000 fans to grow to 2.7 million; the Page hasn’t been updated since last month.