Mother Jones, WSJ Journalists Win Payne Awards

The University of Oregon today announced the winners of the 2010 Payne Awards for Ethics in Journalism. Farnaz Fassihi (pictured), Middle East and Africa bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, and Scott Carney, a freelance writer, won the award.

Fassihi won for her coverage of the political crisis in Iran (her writing can be found here), and Carney won for his investigation into the life of an Indian child who was kidnapped to be put up for adoption by corrupt U.S. agencies.

Both Fassihi and Carney won in the individual category. The University of Oregon didn’t pick any 2010 winners for the news organization or collegiate media categories.

Seattle broadcaster Ancil Payne set up the Payne awards in 1999 “to honor the journalist of integrity and character who reports with insight and clarity in the face of political or economic pressures and to reward performance that inspires public trust in the media.”

We’re not done with today’s awards by a long shot. Tune in later this afternoon for the announcement of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize winners.