A Saintly Mother Teresa Cover

An element of this Maine high school collection has taken on new meaning.

MotherThereseTimeCoverIn 1972, David Leigh, a history teacher at Forest Hills Consolidated School in Jackman, Maine initiated a very cool project. Students were tasked with getting some of the era’s featured subjects in Time, Newsweek and so on to autograph their magazine covers.

As Rachel Ohm, a reporter for The Morning Sentinel, explains, the recent canonization of Mother Teresa has generated renewed interest in the collection’s Dec. 29, 1975 artifact. From her piece:

The designation [of Mother Teresa] makes items touched by the woman now known to the Catholic Church as Saint Teresa of Calcutta, such as the magazine cover, also considered relics by the Roman Catholic Church.

“Love others as God loves you. God bless you,” Mother Teresa wrote along with her signature on the cover of Time. She also sent a typed letter saying she would pray for the school’s students and a small prayer card.

Leigh, now retired, admits that some of the autographs sent back are not authentic. He kept some of the magazines, including a cover signed by Donald Trump, while the Mother Teresa one and about 100 others remain at the school. Another prominent piece in the collection is a June 20, 1977 Newsweek cover signed by James Earl Ray, the man convicted of assassinating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Cover by Bob Peak via: time.com

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