Motorola Atrix (modular Android phone) & Xoom Tablet Disappointing According to an Analyst

I visited one of my best friends the other day. He showed me how useful his Motorola Xoom (Verizon 3G model) was to him in nearly all aspects of his professional and personal life. His girlfriend was so impressed that she recently both a matching Xoom. This overall high satisfaction comes with a full understanding that several key features of the Android-based Xoom tablet are not yet functional. If the Xoom had a 7 or 8 inch display (instead of 10.1), I would seriously consider getting one myself. So, imagine my surprise when I read this on

Motorola Mobility: Xoom, Atrix Both Duds, Pacific Crest Says

I’m not paticularly surprised by the reported low sales of the modular Motorola Atrix. This uniquely modular smartphone can provide a notebook like environment with the purchase of additional options. The addition of a large keyboard and display are reasonably expensive. And, while the concept sounds great to tech geeks like me, I suspect the general population would rather buy an iPad to go along with their phone rather than spend even more money to provide notebook-like features for their phone.

The reportedly low Xoom sales, however, does surprise me. The iPad 2 effect on its sales must be a lot stronger than I had estimtaed.

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