Motorola Sees Facebook And Social Media As Key In Climb Back To Top

Cell phone maker Motorola is eying a resurgence in the mobile market to counter years of slipping after being on top, and the company is hoping social media can help.

A new advertising campaign it’s planning will revolve around Motorola’s upcoming Android phones, with the Cliq coming later this year, followed by a barrage of new devices next year. The phone is featured prominently on the Motorola Facebook page, with a lot of comments on the page already discussing the phone and the company’s Blur interface.

According to a report on, Motorola recognizes that the move to market through social media is a little later than its competition. While the company has collected a little more than 58,000 fans on its Facebook page in the last 4 months, other companies, like Nokia, are well over the half-million mark. Motorola’s marketing division justifies the late move by saying by stating that they wanted to develop a product worthy of buzz instead of artificially manufacturing some sort of Web presence.

The Motorola Facebook page is a complete offering, similar to that of Nokia, which currently has the highest following among cell phone manufacturers with more than 683,000 fans. The videos tab offers information on current and upcoming Motorola products, and fans are able to post comments on the wall and upload their own photos, including a special album dedicated to photos submitted from Motorola devices.