Move Over, Bad Boys and Firemen: It’s the ‘Nice Jewish Guys’ Calendar

I know, I know — bad boys are sexy, and firemen make great calendars; it wasn’t just the heart-wrenching plot-lines and cutting humor that kept me religiously tuned in to Rescue Me for seven straight seasons. But when the bad boys’ commitment issues, living-on-the-edge lifestyle, and too-cool attitude get tiresome (and they always do), it might be time for a new sort of fantasy man — one you can take home to Mom and Dad.

Think husband material can’t be sexy? The men of the new 2013 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar are out to prove once and for all that niceness and hotness are not mutually exclusive.

“I think it’s about time for us”, creator Adam Cohen said of his project. “What happened was that I realized I was now carrying the torch for all the nice guys who get passed up in the bar, are still good to their moms, and are a good catch, but the women just don’t know it yet”. Having taken longer than I’d like to admit to notice my own nice guy right in front of my nose, I say: *Applause!*

Get ’em while they’re hot (and still single!)–You can have your very own Nice Jewish Guys Calendar for under eight dollars (and just in time for Chanukah)! If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, you can just watch the teaser video after the jump, but be warned — once you see the puppy-cuddling, your Magic Mike DVD may become utterly obsolete.

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