This Movies Website Is Running Nonstop ‘Peanuts’ Video Ads in the Background of Its Homepage All Day

Will it annoy viewers?

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This idea will either create the kind of ad impressions Hollywood marketers covet or tick off viewers—or both. 

All day Wednesday, is running exclusive video footage from The Peanuts Movie, 20th Century Fox's Nov. 6 release. Dubbed a video wall, the clips will appear in the background of the site's homepage continuously. That means Snoopy and the gang will appear like a motion-picture version of a static-skin ad, running on the top, bottom and sides of the screen while visitors click on stories and read them. is touting the development as "the largest online video ad unit ever deployed." And that may be true—but will it annoy viewers?

"Not at all," CEO Joel Cohen told Adweek in an email. "It's relevant and seamlessly integrated on the website. We hope and expect users will engage with this innovative presentation."

To part of Cohen's point, the viewer can pause the background video if he or she chooses.

More generally, the interesting video-ad run continues an ongoing Century Fox relationship, coming on the heels of ad campaigns on the site for Fantastic Four, Ice Age, The Three Stooges and other films. Cost of the video wall ad buy was not disclosed. 

"We are thrilled to partner with once again on an amazing program that continues to promote our movies in a novel way," Zachary Eller, Fox's svp of partnership marketing and promotions, said in a statement.

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