MSI Notebook Concept Design: Does The Sketchbook Remind You of Something?

Image courtesy of MSI & Engadget

It has been a while since we’ve seen something truly different in the netbook space. Is this concept design reported by Liliputing something different?

MSI SketchBook concept: Laptop with a built-in drawing tablet

The large digtitizing tablet tha appears to take the spot normally occupied by a keyboard and small touch pad certainly seems different. And, the keyboard itself has not disappeared. It is apparently rotated out of the way to reveal the large digitizing pad.

But, does this configuration remind you of something else?

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Yes, it sure reminds me of the Nintendo DS/DSi portable game console series. Yes, the DS/DSi’s tablet is also a screen. But, still, the resemblance is there. This is, however, a good thing since I happen to think that the DS/DSi is a well designed and well received piece of consumer electronics.

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