AP Expands the Purview of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer

Wire service vet Muhammed Muheisen is now chief Mideast photographer.

Muhammed Muheisen was part of the 2005 and 2013 AP teams that won Pulitzers for Breaking News Photography coverage of Iraq and Syria. He was also honored in 2013 as Time magazine’s Best Wire Photographer.

APTOPIX Pakistan Refugee

This week, after four years as AP’s chief photographer for Pakistan, the 34-year-old Muheisen has been promoted to the position of chief Mideast photographer. He will now document and coordinate coverage for Pakistan, Afghanistan and other regions in the Middle East. From the AP announcement:

“You just want to frame Muheisen’s best work and put it on a wall,” said AP Middle East news director Ian Phillips. “In the toughest of environments, he captures beauty, hope and tragedy in singular fashion. The quality of his shots also reflect the patient manner in which he works and his empathy for the subject matter.”

That empathy is clearly evident in the photo above, taken by Muheisen Jan. 24, 2014. The gaze of six-year-old Afghan refugee Laiba Hazrat is haunting, suggesting that in that moment, she was aware of her plight in the slums of Islamad in a manner far beyond her young years.

Muheisen, a Jordanian national, was born in Jerusalem. He has been with Associated Press since 2001.
[Photo, used with permission, is the property of AP and is not to be republished in any form without expressed, written consent. To view more samples of Muheisen’s work, click here]

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