Tina Brown Reflects on ‘Defanged’ Hillary Clinton

In Mumbai for LitFest, Brown chats with Vogue India.

In India for this past weekend’s Times LitFest, Tina Brown took time to chat with Vogue India. She ranges on a number of topics, including of course the results of the recent U.S. election.

At one point in the Q&A, Gayatri Rangari Cha suggests that President-elect Donald Trump’s negative rhetoric on women did not have the “kind of impact people were expecting” and asks Brown why. The Women in the World Summit overseer’s answer:

“It was tragic because Hillary Clinton couldn’t really fight back strongly given her husband’s own track record with extra-marital affairs. She was defanged. I think the Trump tape where he talked about grabbing women in different places was repulsive, but I also think there’s a saturation against extreme political correctness that the U.S. has experienced. People are sort of fed up. Women thought, ‘Oh well, that’s how guys talk in the locker room.’ In the United States, the relationship between the sexes has become so fraught. Playfulness and humour have taken a back seat.”

Brown may regret that “locker room” observation. Clinton was revealed as one of 11 finalists for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” 2016 honor this morning on the Today show. Read the rest of the Vogue India Q&A here.

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