Musicians Turn To Gaming: Gorillaz Launch iPhone Game

Fresh off the release of their hit album, Plastic Beach, the Gorillaz are launching an iPhone game called “Escape to Plastic Beach”. The Gorillaz are a perfect match for gaming, seeing as the group is composed of four fictional, animated characters, and their likenesses are usually rendered in 3D for the music videos. The game will use Unity3D and be a three-dimensional game.

The game will actually be the third entry in a series of games, and the first two were released as web games. They are playable at the band’s web site, and are both exciting 2D games that use songs from the album. The first driving game in particular uses the exact same theme as the music video for the “Stylo” song, and is a pretty interesting way to listen to the music, play a game, and engage with the Gorillaz characters.

The iPhone game doesn’t have too many details yet, but we know it will be about $2 to $3, and we also have this small bit of information from the site:

“Experience Plastic Beach as never before. Guide Murdoc around the Island; dive through thermals, dodge pirate galleons, floating mines and more while trying to stop 2D from escaping. Eight increasingly difficult, addictive levels will leave you screaming for more!”

It looks like the third entry will likely be a racing-type type game, since it’s all about dodging elements. This also plays well with the ideas of ‘levels’ with increasing difficulties. We’ll see how it goes, and also which song it highlights, as it seems that each game highlights a song. I could see this idea happening with more artists, as they release a game and song in one. Read more about the news here.