My iPad & iPhone App Updates: 34 Updated This Past Week

34 of my iPad & iPhone apps were updated in the past week. Updates 1MB or larger are noted in parentheses. You may note that some of the apps listed were on one of my booted apps list. They are shown as updated because they were unsynced with my iPad or iPhone rather that completely removed from my iTunes app library.

Apps that do not have comments in the list below indicates that the update is simply a bug fix release or an iPhone OS 3.x compatibility update with, perhaps, some bug fixes.

1. Amazon Mobile 1.2.5 (1.8m)

2. AT&T myWireless Mobile 1.3.1 (1.5m) Paperless billing enrollment option.. Bill ready notification.

3. Beat the Traffic HD 1.0.1 (3.5m)

4. BugMe! for iPad 1.06 (10.6m) Alarms support Push Notifications

5. Cisco SIO To Go 3.2 (1.2m)

6. Conde Nast Traveler: 2010 Gold List 1.3 Registration no longer required

7. Declaration 1.1.7 (2.9m)

8. EveryTrail Pro 3.3 (3.8m) New map styles. Download maps for offline usage.

9. Google Mobile App (4.6m)

10. IM+ Lite 4.1.1 (12m)

11. INRIX TRAFFIC! 2.4 (1.8m) Community traffic reports (beta)

12. Keynote 1.1 (52.9m) See this blog entry

13. Movies Flixster 3.5 (3.2m)

14. Now Playing 3.21 (3.8m) Developer notes trailer still causing crashes

15. Numbers 1.1 (42.8m) See this blog entry

16. Opera Mini Web browser 5.0.2 (1m)

17. Pages 1.1 (42m) See this blog entry

18. Mobile 1.2.1 (5m)

19. Pro Keys 1.3 (61.7m) Drums and drum pads. FX controls added

20 Qik Video Camera Pro for any iPhone 4.64 (2m) Capture photo effect

21. Reuters News Pro for iPad 1.1.3 (3.1m)

22. Roambi – Visualizer 3.0.1 (12.6m)

23. SCI FI Wire Reader 2.0.1 (2.1m)

24. Sekai Camera 2.3.2 (2.7m)

25. SkyGrid 1.2 Share news items via Facebook & Twitter. Add favorites w/one tap

26. SnapTell 3.0 Barcode scanning (3GS only)

27. Starbucks Card Mobile 1.3 (4.5m) Support for MyStarbucks rewards program

28. The Weather Channel 2.81 (5.9m)

29. Transmate for Google Translate 3.0.3

30. TweetDeck for iPad 1.0.2 (1.7m)

31. USA Today 1.6.1 (1.8m)

32. Voice Memos for iPad 1.2 (1.1m) Ability to add text notes to a voice memo

33. Wikipanion 1.6a (1.2m)

34. YouNote Lite 1.4 Bluetooth note reception in collaborative mode

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